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  1. Agree. I haven't heard this one, but I've heard others do it. They need to remember it ain't radio, and it ain't about them. We can see the game and the plays; just tell us who the players are. Less is almost always more.
  2. Story and stats from the first meeting from amnews.com, FYI: Turnovers doom Mercer in 34-6 loss at Lexington Catholic
  3. Here's an early story on the game from amnews.com: Mercer stuns previously unbeaten Boyle 31-30 in Class AAAA playoffs
  4. This is why I think it goes to VII. But what do I know? I didn't even consider the possibility that those three Danville opponents would win.
  5. Not so fast, my friends. I assumed some losses that didn't actually occur, and as gchsuk9 points out, Danville and Somerset remain tied for the No. 2 seed at this hour with 15 points each. However, I read Application VI to apply to ties involving more than three teams. If that's true and it doesn't apply, that would take us to Application VII: the Board of Control. The stakes are high here, as the difference is a home game vs. Shelby Valley for the No. 2 see and a long, long trip to Betsy Layne for the No. 3 seed.
  6. My bad, I looked for a thread and didn't see one. Still don't, but please delete this if it's a duplicate.
  7. Final from Danville. Frankfort finishes the regular-season 8-2; Danville finishes 5-5. The game had playoff implications for the Admirals, who finished in a three-way tie for the District 2A-7 title and needed a win to get one of the top two seeds. They finished third in the tiebreaker behind Middlesboro (1) and Somerset (2) and will play a first-round playoff game at Betsy Layne.
  8. And now, a word about Jawan Grey. Admiral. You could describe Grey as a talented player, a hard worker, one of the leaders of his team. But in a season in which Danville is attempting to redefine itself, perhaps the best way to describe him is to say that no one has defined what it means to be an Admiral quite like Grey. Grey, a senior running back-defensive back, isn’t the only player who has done good things at Danville this season, though he has been one of the most productive players for the Admirals. And he probably isn’t the only player who has a grasp of the history and t
  9. That makes a lot of sense, and 4,000 might be stretching it these days. The Boyle-Lexington Catholic game didn't even fill Boyle's stadium this year.
  10. Mercer is bidding for its second consecutive winning season; Dunbar is trying for its first since 2005.
  11. Garrard tries to clinch a winning season, West Jessamine tries to get to .500 in the first meeting between the teams since 2010.
  12. Final from Harrodsburg. Boyle wins a defensive struggle to take the district title in 4A-5. The Rebels had the ball only twice in the first half and led 7-0, then scored again with under 4 minutes left. The Titans contained Boyle's running game but couldn't take advantage of their chances on offense. Boyle is first, Mercer is third in their district. Boyle will host Clay County and Mercer visits Knox Central for first-round playoff games, both for the second year in a row.
  13. The Somerset win makes for a three-way tie, which might give Danville a shot at No. 1 if it beats Frankfort and can count Frankfort's wins in the tiebreaker.
  14. Levi McKinney is one of those guys who doesn’t miss too many plays. And he’s one of those guys who wouldn’t have it any other way. That, of course, does not make McKinney unique. On any given Friday night, at almost any game in Kentucky, you can find plenty of players who play both offense and defense. Even at schools like Boyle County, the Class 4A school for which McKinney plays, two-way players are commonplace, even necessary in a year such as this when the Rebels’ roster is smaller than normal. And while a number of them have helped the Rebels get to where they are this seas
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