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  1. Congrats NamecipS, nice win way to slaughter me. I don't think you could ask for a much better day out of your guys. Hopefully, Kevan Barlow and Jason Elam can make it a little more respectable.
  2. Two people in the plane announced dead including Lidle, ESPN reports. These are the only two fatalities noted. There have been 10 go to the hospital to seek treatment and two more seriously injured.
  3. ESPN is reporting, small plane flown by Lidle hit a building on the east side of Manhattan. Four confirmed fatalities including the pilot, Lidle.
  4. I'd like to drop K John Hall and pick up Noah Herron. I'd also like to drop the St. Louis defense and pick up WR Travis Taylor.
  5. Happy B-day stick, I hope you had a wonderful day.
  6. Down by 3 going into the night, Elam just kicked a 43 yard field goal valuable for 4 points. Whoa! Game over, good game Subvets. I consider myself very lucky to escape with a win this week.
  7. I'd like to drop Oakland's defense and pick up St. Louis' defense. I swear this is my last defensive change of the week.
  8. Is free agency open?? If so I'd like to drop Washington's defense and pick up Oakland's. Drop Troy Brown and pick up Vernon Davis. Drop Kevin Faulk and pick Vernand Morency.
  9. A couple of more that I've not seen mentioned: Kyle Sublett (Paintsville) Hank Simpson (Letcher County Central)
  10. Waiver wire move of the week: I'd like to pick up the Washington Redskins Defense and drop Michael Robinson.
  11. Funny thing is about all of this, you see these top 10 lists. Half of them aren't even about the football players and more than likely no football players are involved in making them. All the acts of vandalism, and such that were done a few years back, at least the ones I know of were done by students, not football players.
  12. No, it was just minor error on my behalf. It was none of Godot's fault, I can't add nor can I do name recognition. Seems by the time I get to a computer, my brain's fried.
  13. I didn't mean Marcus Robinson, I meant Michael Robinson of the 49ers. My bad Godot.
  14. Sorry Godot, you're right guess I just I miscalculated.
  15. Godot, I'm pretty sure the Stars should have 36 points. Maybe it'll be the difference maker in the end. A man can dream, can't he?? If Vick and the ATL defense can put up averages, it could be the difference maker but I doubt they'll shut out McAlister. So sadly enough, I'll probably be beat this week.
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