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  1. Did any of you see TEEN PEOPLE magazine? They had his picture in there and said he was the next Lebron James.
  2. I agree that Belfry is now the favorite in the 15th Regional tourney. IMO it will be JC and Belfry in the finals with Belfry going to state!!! :thumb:
  3. Ok I missed that very good season in 2001-2002 when he finished 13-11!! My apologies for that,but the big picture looks like this. His over all record is 62-93 and he has not made any improvement whatsoever IMO.I'm just stating that if this were to take place at any other school the coach would be lookiing for a spot elsewhere! I don't understand how you can say that he should not take most of the blame since he is the coach.I mean maybe one season you could understand him having set backs and everything not going the way it was suppose too.He has had some awesome talent and could not do anything with it.I believe they need to get someone in SC that can develop the talent they have here and knows a little more about basketball. I think this year really proves my point. He had B. May one of the best shooters ever and Jaryd Crum who is one of the best pg in this area.He also had a decent bench with some good assistant coaches.They went to JC and had a 15 pt. lead at halftime and in the third period JC went on a 21-3 run before time out was called by Jayrd Crum. He was tied up in a half court trap and The assistant coach had to get on the refs about bad calls and draw up plays for the team not to mention trying to have SC's players keep their composure during this crisis!! Coach Hammond simply crawled back into his shell like a turtle and did nothing,but become a spectator of the game. Jc went on to beat us out of the first round of the 57th District tourney. The previous year which was 2004-2005 he had a record of 6-19 and got put out in the first round by the Tigers. If you call that a good coach then you deserve what you get when it comes to winning and promoting a solid athletic dept. over here.While I'm at it I will give you his record for the 2002-2003 season which was 5-21 and his 2000-2001 record which was 9-16.Now that I got my facts straight does that 13-11 season in 2001-2002 still look so good?
  4. After only having one winning season at Sheldon Clark should JR Hammonds hang up his red boots ? I say yes he should. He has had alot of talent and could not make it past the first round of the Districts!! I know all the games he lost were not his fault,but when you're the head coach the buck stops with you. I was just wondering what everyone else thought ?
  5. He means alot to us.He is such a fine young man with a passion for the game!!! He is NUMBER#1 in my book !!! :thumb:
  6. Johnson Central will dominate Betsy Lane again in the Regionals just like they did earlier this season!!! They match up great against Betsy Lane. Player for player I will say that Johnson Central has a better bench and deeper one than just about everybody that is still playing in the tourney right now. The only way that the Eagles can loose is if they overlook the Bobcats, but I don't think this will happen. Coach Starns will have them focused on the task at hand and the Eagles will play alot better than they did against Pikeville. JC-61 BL-50 :dancingpa
  7. Brandon, you deserve everyones praise and accolades that they give you on here.I watched you play you heart out and lose some and win some,but after everything. I'm most impressed by you as the person not as the player.I wish your whole family even the newest addition a healthy,long,prosperous,& most of all a happy life together no matter what you may do or where you may go!!! You were indeed that shooting star that people sometimes see once in a lifetime.I'm happy I got to watch you shine even if it was just for what seemed to be a brief moment.Now lets go onto the next level and show them what you can do!!!! :thumb:
  8. Sorry about my post I just got a little carried away Birdsfan!!! I was just posting my thoughts on this matter that is very close to my heart.
  9. Wow!!!! I love you guys!! I have felt the same way about Coach Hammond for two years. He has wasted more talent this year than any other coach in the state. If Sheldon Clark doesn't get smart and make some big changes in the coaching staff then they are making a big mistake!!!! If the coach was a real man he would resign and let the program begin their search for a coach that actually knows how to coach.IMO Shawn Hager is not the answer to the problem(though I commend him on his effort last night). SC needs a new set of eyes that can bring a fresh outlook on the game. These boys need some motivation and leadership.I really think the program could have used Bobby Hale this past season he really seemed to know how to relate to the boys.Please I am begging you!!!! RESTUCTURE the program, not just for the players, but for the fans too!!!!! :dancingpa
  10. SC played their best game since playing JC . Brandon had solid game and the rest of the team played tuff on defense and forced some timely turnovers! They really looked fired up and were playing with a purpose.This win should move them straight to the top in the 57th. WAY TO GO CARDS !!!!!!!!! :thumb:
  11. I will go out on a limb and say that the Cards are going to win.I just wonder sometimes if SC is ever going to play the type of ball that they are capable of ? JC has two solid players in Rice and Mccarty along with a good bench.This game will be decided by that 6th man on either team tonight.The atmosphere should be supercharged as the Eagles will want to defend their homecourt and save face with all their fans.I think SC will have their best game of the season tonight!!!!SC will squeak by once again winning by 4 points. See ya at the game in the loop!!!!!
  12. You will see tonight why Sc is 3-1 in district play and not 4-0. LIke the old saying goes "If you can't beat them then cheat them"!!!! I heard that was their new school motto.
  13. I think this game could become ugly very fast. Nobody can play at Paintsville and win. You have to beat not only the Tigers but the officials also!!Seems like the Tigers have the officials in their hip pockets at that school.I watched the Cardinals play there a while back and the Tigers were allowed to push,shove, and do what ever they wanted to do.I will say that SC played their worst game of the season.They could not get any shots to drop.The fans at Paintsville are rude and very disrespectful.Heck we even had Paintsville fans sitting on the visitors side of the gym making comments.The fans that sit on the stage by the visitors bench are the most unsportsman like fans of all!! They will talk directly to players and coaches during the game.The police will escort fans from the opposing team out of the gym for getting loud and making comments but,will let the Paintsville faithful threaten to beat people without a second thought.I hope JC wins!!!!
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