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  1. Hey GT, where do you think Knight ends up?
  2. Do you have any points or evidence to back your opinion? Somehow I doubt it. No freshman in the country is more productive with the amount of minutes he plays. Just try and find someone more productive then Cousins. ( Oh, you can stratch Stevenson off the list)
  3. That may be the craziest post I've ever read on here. What more do you want from him? He's been very productive. The most productive player on the team with minutes on the court. That statement is just ABSURD!!!!
  4. It doesn't matter. Some fans will always find a reason to criticize. I honestly don't think it would matter. To me, it shows me that he cares about what he's doing. He may not always handle it properly but he's learning and growing. I didn't handle everything properly when I was his age either though.
  5. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: And you know this from watching him for a total of............8 GAMES!!!!!!!!! Gimme a break!!
  6. Great Post!! I wish some of our fans would read this and learn something by it. This is what you call constructive critisism. Some of our fans on here want to judge and criticize an 18 year old kid after 8 games. Did you all not make mistakes at 18? I know I made a ton of them and not proud of most of them. Give him a break!! I've said this in other post and some may be tired of hearing it but oh well, it doesn't do the player, the team, or the program any good to post bashing remarks on here or anywhere for that matter. You think recruits want to come to a scholl where a player is criticized after being very productive and a key part of an 8-0 start? And yes, you did pay your money on here to say anything you want.......yadda yadda yadda, I've heard it all. That doesn't make it right or helpful. Try helping your program instead of hindering it. That's why our fanbase has such a bad reputation as being unrealistic nuts. It's seems as though the nuts are the ones that speak the loudest too. I've listened to countless critics call in to talkshows and bash Boogie on the air even after a win. Isn't he doing enough? I think he's had an amazing first 8 games. Yes, he has made bone heading plays BUT he's made many great plays also. Yes, he has made bone headed decisions BUT he's learning and growing every game. He is learning, you can see that from his remarks. He is maturing everyday and every game. What more do you want people? We are 8-0 and just beat UNC!!! Isn't this exactly what you wanted? It's exactly what I wanted!! We are young, this is expected but like I said, we're 8-0 and life is GOOD as a WILDCAT FAN!! Enjoy it and let Cal do his job!!!
  7. :thumb: :clap: :notworthy: :ylsuper: :taz::taz::taz: (Great Post)
  8. Keep it up Wireman, some of us like to know these things. Thanks for the info!
  9. Great Point!! I don't understand it either. Some fans say they want to win but even that is not good enough unless we win by 20. I wish people would listen to Coach, he said that this was going to happen. I find it very promising that we've won these games cause I think we would have lost these same type of games last year. We are going to make plenty of mistake as Cal has said, we have a very very young team with tons of growing to do. We have had freshman taking HUGE shots and winning games for us. That has to be a positive thing. So our big guy Cousins had a mental breakdown, that DOES NOT define him as a person or even player. It's just 1 mistake even though it was at a crucial time in the game, that's it. WE ARE WINNING!!! THAT'S WHAT WE WANTED!! THAT's WHAT WE ARE GETTING!! Coach said we would be wrong 75% of the time early in the season and we'd be right 75% of the time come March. It is going to be a process with more mistakes to come, I am sure of that but it's ok. It's expected and they will get better and the sky is the limit with the talent we have on this team. We need to be patient with this team, we need to be patient as they learn, grow, and as they mold into a great team. I really can't wait for March!! Go Cats!! You do have many more fans than critics, I promise you that!! Keep up that hard work!
  10. That's why I put that "disclaimer" at the end. I wasn't refering to your post in my comments. I agree with alot of your posts. I should have been more specific, my apologies.
  11. I figured that would be your response but whatever, it doesn't matter what I say cause nothing is going to change how you criticize the players. Comparing Cousins actions to rules on BGP is laughable but again, whatever. Lastly, you are being naive if you do not think that recruits look at the actions of fans when deciding. Now don't take this out of context like you did above, I sure it's not a sole reason for anything. BUT!!! With the different schools having so much to offer now-a-days, it's naive to think that it can't be a factor when a recruit is torn between loving 2, 3, or even 4 schools. Trust me, I know it does from experience with talking with recruits. Just look at the recent comments from Brandon Knight. I think that says it all for a kid to publicly say that he liked a school because their fans weren't "too crazy" I'm not here to argue with you, you have your opinion and I respect that. You've paid to voice it on here and so be it. I just wish some of you would realize that you're not helping the program by bashing and criticizing our players.
  12. I'd take Knight over Selby but I'd love to have Selby as well.
  13. I've been hearing that Knight is VERY high on Florida. Some have speculated that UK has fell on Knight's list because of some of the actions of the fans. He made some comments about UConn fans as not being "too crazy" and that he liked that about them.
  14. Icompletely disagree but whatever, nothing I say is going to change anything. Don't you see that you're not doing any good? You're not helping anything by criticizing so much. How can you criticize and then say you support them? I see nothing wrong with constructive criticism, nothing at all but calling someone a spoiled brat is not constructive. A guy on KSR talked today about the difference in Cal and Gillispie, he said Cal screamed...."Why don't you shoot?" compared to Gillispie screaming ...." Shoot the ball, you idiot" They basically say the same thing but one is constructive and the other is destructive. At least something good comes from being constructive. Your definately not helping the team or the program by criticizing and name calling the players on a public forum. Oh also, my comments were not directed at you Magic. Didn't want you to think I was directly speaking of you because I was speaking to nobody in particular.
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