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  1. I had Coach Hoof in school and loved every second of his classes. My Dad coached him back in the late 70's in basketball and he loved "Randy" and the two kept in touch up until Dad passed away. Whenever I run into Coach Hoof he always asks about my Mom and Old Rambler. Last year his daughter went on a mission trip with us to New Orleans and she is just as classy as her Dad. He is a good man, a good Father, and good example to so many of us who he either taught or Coached. Thanks Coach.
  2. I heard moments ago from someone in the school system that Randy Vanderhoof has stepped down as Raceland head coach. My source is good, but I know the guys on here are closer to the program. Can you guys confirm or deny this?
  3. I saw somewhere yesterday Micah Johnson was going to a mini-camp with the Giants.
  4. It's interesting you brought this thread back up because I recently accepted the call to become the Associate Minister at the Piqua Church of Christ in Piqua, Ohio. I think it's important to understand that not all Churches of Christ are this way. This particular church of Christ on the radio are ultra-conservative non-instrumental churches of Christ and they believe their main form evangelism should be debate. The church of Christ I am going to go serve is non-denominational independent Christian Church. You'll kind many Churches of Christ across the Midwest are actually Christian Churches. The non-instrumental churches are predominantly scattered throughout the south. There is also a United Church of Christ, but it's a whole different thing all together. In my experience Larry I find we catch more flies with honey. While false teachers need to be engaged and rebuked I'm not sure arguing with them on the radio waves is the best way to do it. A lost person is just going to hear that and say "Oh look the Christians are fighting again..." and we've just proceeded to remind them our division weakens our witness. I think Satan delights in our debates and heated arguments among brothers. I think he spends far more time attacking the unity of the church as a whole than he does on those who are far from God. My personal philosophy is you want to talk to doctrine then we will sit down and talk about it one-on-one. But I think, like I said way back when, we can accomplish FAR more for the Kingdom if we focus on the one thing that unites us all- the cross- and roll up our sleeves and go about fulfilling the Great Commission. I can build a Habitat House with a Catholic, a Baptist, a Methodist, whatever. My only concern is do you love Christ and are you hammering that nail because he took the nail for you? If you did than together the gates of hell won't prevail against us. That's a promise.
  5. My wife and I are both left handed. Both of our boys are right handed. My Mom, Dad, and Sister all were right handed.
  6. Prayers for her and your family my friend.
  7. Kentucky was 23-25 from the stripe in that game and Meeks was 12-12 in his free throws. If we shoot 92% from the line this time around we will win. Unfortunately Jodie Meeks isn't walking through that door and I just don't see that happening, but I still think the Cats will win in a street fight. All season these kids have managed to win and come through down the stretch late in games. I've not seen a UK team this clutch since the '98 Comeback Cats. UK 71 WVU 70
  8. I just wanted to say, for the record, the Ivan Brothers are not funny. At all.
  9. If you have Time Warner it would also be on WKYT. That may be the secondary channel WOWK is referring to.
  10. I have Old Rambler's new address. If anyone wants it feel free to drop me a PM.
  11. I once heard Bob Russell say if you ever find the perfect church do NOT join it, because you will just screw it up! :lol:
  12. Just an update to let you know sometime int he next couple of days Old Rambler will be moved an assisted living facility for about 6 weeks of rehab. He was hoping to get to come home, but its not going to happen for awhile. Needless to say he is bummed. Whenever he gets moved I'll let you know his new address. The cards and notes and phone calls have meant the world to him.
  13. It's a holdvoer from a debate they were having and asking everyone about yesterday. The crux was if everyone knew Tebow's throwing motion and footwork could be improved was it not Urban Meyer's job to improve his player so when Tebow got to this point he wouldn't have to change things now. They often ask people from other sports questions like that to get a wide arrange of opinions.
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