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  1. JVDFC, it is just a time issue more than anything at all. I have made some wonderful friends on here, and kept in touch with others who I don't get to see much anymore. This is a wonderful site, but right now it seems I hardly have much time to breathe. Clyde may be right, I am surprised I decided not to renew my subscription with football season just starting. But now everything is just nuts (but not really in a bad way) Gold Sunrise, I think the first time we met was actually at a GRC vs NL football game in Winchester. Nwo, I remember that well, ... I think that was the time the band boosters closed down the concession stand at halftime (don't know what they were thinking) GCHS I definitely expect to see you at one football game this fall, not sure which yet Jim, you have my email dude Pepper II, you are very welcome. You have one heck of a program being built right now, that's for sure! You all have said some very kind things, and I really do appreciate it. I hope to be back, but will have to see when my schedule lets up a little bit.
  2. I have decided I will be leaving BGP. I have enjoyed my time here and all of the interesting discussions. God bless each and every one of you.
  3. I believe the U18 Sluggers won the Nationals on Sunday if I am not mistaken!
  4. True. However, being willing to do the same things your teammates had to do when they were rookies goes a long way to building a team environment. If you immediately put yourself above those who have already played in the NFL just because you think you are all that, .... you are not being a team player IMHO.
  5. Word has it that the North Laurel vs Harlan County game from North will be broadcast live on Wazoo sports.
  6. I think you nailed it. Nearly every team seems to be taking steps forward. Should make for some exciting football!
  7. The Bengals could use TO at this point. The defense was solid, the running game was very good, but they were somewhere around 26th in passing and still won the division. They need another solid WR to go opposite Ocho. While I truly dislike TO it might be a risk worth taking for one season.
  8. You can't compare the athletic ability it takes for cheerleading to those events. Apples to oranges.
  9. I think 8-5 is probably about where I hope they will be. Very good analysis on your part!!
  10. This is why this country is in the shape it is in. "I am right, you are wrong, ... noone on the other side of my beliefs has a clue, ... The Tea Party is bad because of what this person said, ... the NAACP is bad because of what that person said, ... you are in the party that is responsible for the shape this country is in, ... it is all the democrats/republicans fault, ..." The people who love to trash the other side, are the very ones who keep electing the idiots in DC. This is why I despise politics.
  11. Talk about bang for your buck! My guess is that the crowd would have been exhausted with 2 stage shows like they both put on!
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