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  1. While March Madness may not always have the best team win that's exactly what it was put in place for. Even with a playoff in football every game is a lot more important than basketball because they play 1/3 as many. I understand it putting an importance on the TCU game last night, but I would much rather have a true champion decided on the field. You may have several undeafeted teams not even get a shot at the championship in football, and that just doesn't seem right.
  2. Just spoke to my son the other day who's an Army Ranger In Iraq, and has been to Afganastan also, he tends to not agree. So I'll take his word over anyone on BGP, nothing personal.
  3. How long the Soviet Union wasted lives and money there finally to just leave. I don't know if it was on here or where I read an article about a former officer that served in Afganastan. He stated that as Ace did this is a tribal war or valley war as the former officer put it. This valley may support you and the next one over the hill may support the Taliban. I'm all for going after Bin Laden if he's even still alive, but think special forces in covert operations should be the ones doing it.
  4. Been waiting to make a prediction. This year since the first game Frankfort seems to be playing to the level of the competition, thus the close game with BB. I scouted the Beechwood and Bellevue game and mostly came away with the field was the winner. Neither team really stopped the other, but field conditions did. Was impressed with Buckler, but not a good game to scout because neither team could hold onto the ball. Should be a good one and I'll have to go with my Panthers 21-14. All you Bellevue people be careful on your trip and enjoy the game.
  5. Exactly which bowl did UT play in last year? I can't seem to remember.
  6. I really don't care what anyone promised we need to get out of an unwinnable war as fast as possible.
  7. Give all my children an equal amount. Buy a couple of nice vehicles. Take care of my Mom. Buy a nice place in Seattle or Portland can't decide which. Probably open up a sports bar or restaraunt.
  8. Coaching at Frankfort we always heard with that speed and that talent you should win. Here's a heads up not everyone can coach and be succesfull at schools like that. Heck until Foley got to Frankfort they had two 5-5 seasons under coach Thacker and he followed 3 others that never had winning seasons. It's been my experience that kids with all that talent can be difficult to coach, between I'm that good type of attitude to just being head cases. So those that have never coached in those situations have no idea how difficult it can be just to get kids out and then keep them eligble is another story.
  9. Rockmom has made the best post on here. This is the Houses plan and will not pass the Senate. Will be interesting to see the version from the Senate.
  10. ^ I'm with you on that, don't care much for him on ESPN.
  11. Probably wanting to talk to his son.
  12. Newton please, please, please.
  13. So it's not these three guys God given ability, but some guy standing behind them telling them waht to do that has made them good football players. Just so I understand.
  14. That excuse is getting real old. I listened to the BYU coach a couple of weeks ago, and he stated with the type of kids they recruit they are limited to 35 to 40 kids a year that even fit their system. Seems to me they've been better than ND for awhile now. Navy just beat them 2 out of 3 times probably just as tough or tougher to get in the Naval Acadamy. Haven't ND's recruiting classes been ranked pretty high since Weiss got there?
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