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  1. Since finding BGP I have to say I don't post alot but I read everything, my wife has made comments before that she thought she was going to have to get her an account just to talk to me during FOOTBALL season anyway.
  2. Thoughts and prayers to this young mans family, friends and GRC.
  3. I hope you're wrong SK, I think it will be closer than that and will be a game right up to the end.
  4. Hate to hear that, will keep him in our prayers Congrats to central on the win.
  5. Dang looks like I should have started reading this thread back in the week! Well anyway OC by three scores
  6. Well guess I'll see them there, there for a while I was starting to think that the only supporter left on this thread was a WH fan! :lol:
  7. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Is there anyone out there? :confused:
  8. Yeah well Central has won it enough to last them a while it's someone else's turn.
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