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  1. Just looked. He went 9-1 over a 3 year stretch ‘13-‘15 losing to T in semis for the one loss.
  2. Think it was 6-0. Beat both in regular season and playoffs like 2 years in a row
  3. What about Wolfe? Didn’t he go like 8-0 against X/T couple years ago in a 2 year stretch? Not exactly sure about that though....but if so has any other coach actually ever done that?
  4. "My son" smh. I'll guarantee if your son was good enough Coach Thompson would have had him on the field. I'll say this for Coach Thompson he isn't scared to play a tough schedule!! How many teams played BG, BC, PRP, and Desales in non district games.
  5. Well hopefully he won't be running up and down the sidelines making throat slashing gestures towards opposing sidelines when his team scores like he did during his sons 8u football game. Yes...he was doing that last fall during his sons tourney championship game when they took the lead. Several of us parents looked at each other in disbelief...one even said. "And this guy wants to be a high school head coach?". Hopefully DJ will mature and be a successful HC.
  6. When is the last time a school has went 6-0 over X & T over a 2 year stretch? Regardless of playoffs that impressive in itself.
  7. There's no way to say who was the best. For those saying Hogan saved wrestling....well you can also say he almost ruined wrestling. Hogan helped make wrestling cartoonish which almost destroyed the sport until the attitude era AND SCSA saved it. Another thing Hogan did was invent "hulking up". Which basically made him unbeatable because he wouldn't drop the belt. Because he wouldn't drop the belt and help create storylines he allowed WCW to come along and develop storylines that led to wwe ratings decline. I saw a pole one time asking a bunch of wrestlers who they GOAT was and very few said Hulk.
  8. Taylor's Super fired Curtis Cotton after one season a few years ago. Not sure why anyone would want to coach for him.
  9. Was waiting on it to be announced. Was informed last week that he had accepted.
  10. Just don't think Ray was a good fit. Great guy but just bad fit.
  11. They weren't a state runner up under Graham. They won state in 09 under Rains and have slowly went downhill ever since. I would say from 14-1 in '09 to 1-10 in '13 did it.
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