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  1. Ryle better get ready for pressure like they have never see before from Trinity. Watching the highlights vs. Ballard it looked like they had 20 players out there on defense.
  2. I think you will see Northington play tonight. It could be the last HS game of his career. Hopefully we can contain him like last the last game. Go Tigers!
  3. Does the RPI continue to build in the playoffs? If so, then X will have a high ranking Manual again and Male will have a high ranking BE. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.
  4. Too many unknowns right now. Who knows who will be starting other than Armon Tucker at RB, Woodruff at C, Monsour at OL, Zabel at LB/DE & Wooten at DB on Defense. Watch out for Soph. Brady McEnany on defense. He will be a stud.
  5. As good as that 2020 defense was, I don't think anyone in the last five years (and longer) was as talented as Rondale Moore. I think even that stacked defense would have had problems defending him. That is why I went with the 2017 THS team.
  6. How many years have they been playing at this field? If it was that much different wouldn't we see this every year? I am sure it helps but sounds like a solid group in 2021.
  7. The people I know at Manual were not very happy he left. They felt he was going to be a great player for them.
  8. Washburn transfered to Evangel Academy. They are starting a new football program. Brandon Bender (former UofL and Ballard basketball player is the AD). They sold this kid and the others who are transfering there a bill of goods. I think Demarcus Smith is going to be the head coach.
  9. Does anyone know why Stahlman only played 10 minutes?
  10. Hiring from within the program is what I am hearing. Look for the announcement tomorrow.
  11. I thought the same thing last week. The first time around St X gave up 28 points on two pick sixes and two punt returns. Last week X gave up 14 points on a blocked punt and fake punt. I think that is just what Trinity does each week. I think Male will need to use some motions and bunch sets to get their receivers off the line as clean as possible. I saw where Coach Wolf said in the paper today that they try to get the pass off in 1.5 seconds and they still had problems with getting the QB hit in the first game. Trinity will bring guys from all over and show different fronts. I think Coach Cobb
  12. I looked at the two deep chart from the KHSAA website and man Male is loaded with Juniors. Sort of like last year where Trinity was Junior heavy. I think Trinity's defense is so hard to score on it makes it really hard to pick against them. I think Male has to sell out to stop the run and try to score on some special teams/defense to be close. I think it could be closer than people expect.
  13. I saw on Twitter that Trinity lost senior Charlie Ely for the season due to a foot injury. I hate to see a player lose his senior year to injury. Especially for a good kid like Charlie.
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