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  1. Hiring from within the program is what I am hearing. Look for the announcement tomorrow.
  2. I thought the same thing last week. The first time around St X gave up 28 points on two pick sixes and two punt returns. Last week X gave up 14 points on a blocked punt and fake punt. I think that is just what Trinity does each week. I think Male will need to use some motions and bunch sets to get their receivers off the line as clean as possible. I saw where Coach Wolf said in the paper today that they try to get the pass off in 1.5 seconds and they still had problems with getting the QB hit in the first game. Trinity will bring guys from all over and show different fronts. I think Coach Cobb has turned up Trinity defense even more. It's going to be tough but that is why they play the game.
  3. I looked at the two deep chart from the KHSAA website and man Male is loaded with Juniors. Sort of like last year where Trinity was Junior heavy. I think Trinity's defense is so hard to score on it makes it really hard to pick against them. I think Male has to sell out to stop the run and try to score on some special teams/defense to be close. I think it could be closer than people expect.
  4. I saw on Twitter that Trinity lost senior Charlie Ely for the season due to a foot injury. I hate to see a player lose his senior year to injury. Especially for a good kid like Charlie.
  5. I heard when Coach Wallace came he had a deal with Adidas to provide two new sets of uniforms for free but the administration would not allow it due to the long standing relationship with Shively. If you looked at our white jerseys and what poor shape they are in, it is time for an upgrade. I doubt Shively could afford to offer this perk. Unfortunately, this is a sign of the times for the small stores.
  6. If this position opens up, look out for Eddie or FD's coach taking over at the Georgetown Tigers in the near future. They both graduated from there.
  7. This game will be tougher than most believe. Look for Butler to put Jordan Watkins at Wildcat to run the ball. They are down to their 3rd string QB. X needs to find a way to score TD's when they get in the red zone rather than settling for FG's.
  8. In the preseason I heard that Rondale has a cousin who is a freshman at St X. Not sure if this is true or not.
  9. Male's defense is extremely aggressive. I think they will try to pressure Jutz on every down. I assume Trinity's starting RB will be back which will help. Look for Trinity to screen the heck out of Male and catch them in a bad coverage.
  10. When I first met coach Wallace he said he will match his offense to the talent he has. The trouble this year is we have a very talented QB and solid WR's but no burners. The players are still learning the finer points of this offense and unless we do all the little things properly, we have breakdowns. I trust the process, just wish it would all come together quicker. I 100% agree with your second point. The administration seems to be handcuffing the efforts to find players. With the CSAA league withering away to fewer and fewer teams, we will not have enough kids to field a team if we just rely on that league as a feeder. Lastly, there is no emotion on the sidelines. Not sure what the answer is for that but something needs to be done to get the players/coaches fired up. The freshman team showed a little bit of attitude in the game vs. Trinity.
  11. Currently we play one underclassman on offense- right tackle Brown. So next year we will have the same issue. We have lost two games by three points each so it's not like we are getting destroyed by our opponents. However, it seems like we are getting physically beaten in the 4th quarter by teams with less depth. That is concerning. The offense seems to have no flow to it. Almost like we are trying to run too many plays. I remember going to a coaching clinic and Coach Glaser said be great at five plays and run them out of different sets. I believe in Coach Wallace but something just doesn't feel "right" at this time.
  12. Trinity scored on the first play of the game with a 75 yard run by #8 Armon Tucker. He was very impressive. Hard runner. Not sure where he played youth football but they got a good back. The second score was set up by a special teams mistake by St X. They were back to punt and the punter kicked it into the back of the up-back. The up-back was a little too deep in my opinion. I blame that on first game issues for X. Duddy #84 was very impressive at WR for X. Two TD catches, one he caught in stride for a 55 yard TD. X's QB Sivori #16 played a very good game, very impressive debut. Other standouts for X were TE Boehnlein #18 several catches, WR Smith #89 kick off return for TD, Dorsey #5 pick six called back for block in the back, RB Walsh #23 several nice runs. On defense, LB Shaffner #33 had a lot of tackles, LB Marks #6 had numerous tackles and a pick, LB Pike #10 had two TD's picked up a blocked punt and returned a fumble for a TD. I heard that Trinity's starting QB Hawkins #9 was injured on the opening kick off return so they went with the back up Willis #15 who also got dinged up during the game.
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