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2023 Saint Xavier Tigers

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St. X was ranked #1 for most of season but came up short in OT against Male losing 22-21.

For next year the offense looks like it can be stronger since that side of the ball returns the most starters.

Top returning offense players:

QB Trevor Havill  81/135, 1006 yds, 12 tds/3 ints. 4 tds rushing

RB Davis Yates 445 yds, 5 tds.

RB Michael Curry 374 yds, 4 tds.

WR Marlon Harbin 360 yds, 3 tds.

WR Kyle Krupp 128 yds, 3 tds

2 year starters on O-Line

Carter Guillaume

Tommy Rosenbarger


The defense loses it's top two tacklers with Micah Carter and Jaxon Panariello graduating. Most of the defense graduates so will be reloading on that side of the ball.

Top returners:

DB Kanon Williams 43 tkls, 2 for loss and 1 sack.

DL Ashton Jones, 35 tkls, 5 for loss and 4 sacks.

DE Tyler Neal, 23 tkls, 4 for loss and 1 sack.

DB Jason Dunn, 20 tkls.

LB Eli Monks 17 tkls, 5 for loss and 3 sacks.

St. X should once again be a top 5 team in 6A and will need the offense to carry the load early while the defense gains experience early in the season.

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Ugh, still frustrating thinking about the way the 2022 ended. 

But looking ahead the offense should be better than the last year as stated above. The skill players are there and returning two OL who have played a lot of football will help. The big key for the offense in '23 is the progression Havill will make from last season. He has the tools; he just has to have them all working together to keep the offense on track. A lot of young skill players have been in the mix over the last couple of years so it will be exciting to see them on Friday nights!

The defense will take some time to adjust from losing big playmakers like Micah and Jaxon. But what X has done well over the last few years is rotate a lot of players in on that side of the ball. There will be a bit of learning curve at curtain spots, but they will be a solid group. 

Looking forward to next season!


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Hearing the off season is off to an excellent start. They do a really good job working all their kids and developing their depth through the season as well. Lots of coaches, well-organized, and motivated guys. Expect them to have an outstanding football team in 2023. 

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8 hours ago, theguru said:

Me too and that is the case for most teams with the realignment. 

Well if KHSAA doesn’t hurry up with the district alignments and they are stuck in a 3 team district. Going to be hard to schedule 10 games. Especially since not a lot of  in state  teams will play them. 

Just a thought….


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My guess from a scheduling standpoint is that X will want to or have to find three games to replace Owensboro, Ryle, and Elder. I could see them keeping Elder but wouldn't be surprised if they went with another OOS team to mix it up a bit. 

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26 minutes ago, TheConch said:

I hope to see a St. X vs. Moeller matchup, preferably in Cincinnati to save me long drive!

I would like to see X play a couple of out of state powers every year.  I think two games like that is the right number for X.

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