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  1. Several reasons for this thread and you all can continue to comment and slander as need be. 1. I was offered the AD position which would mean a nice financial increase, which having a newborn seemed fairly smart but I wanted to stay at BC, get that through your concussed brains. I would remain on staff as unofficial HC as not to interrupt the work the kids had been doing. (BCPS does not allow AD to be HC). Former AD publicly resigned and I was asked for my letter of interest for the AD position accompanied by my HC resignation so hiring could be done within house. Letter of resignation was filed and I was told I would no longer be a candidate for AD. I now have to re-apply for my job as HC. 2. I have been open with my administration about the 3 jobs I applied for this off season, all 3 in which I considered a step up. (dream jobs are a stretch--- I coached at Male, I know what greener pastures look like) 3. I have been at BC for two and half years, 3 off seasons. I have been in the county for 6 years as a teacher. 3 principals and 7 asst Principals have come and gone and now a 3rd AD will be hired at Bullitt Central. 4. Leasor told me when I took over, don't take the job Tye it's a HC grave yard. My mentors told me before their departure, that I needed to get out of BC while I was marketable. Instead, I wanted to prove them wrong and I wanted to stay. Don't make this look like I'm out searching and leaving my guys high and dry. That's not me. Re-applying is not of my choosing. There are better candidates out there--- absolutely there are; however, every Jordan has a Lebron and every Kobe has a Curry; every Montana has a Young; you all might be better but I'm willing to out work the majority of you. I always told myself I wouldn't answer the critics but I'm feeling a little spiteful today. Don't get on here and act like you know me.
  2. First round of the playoffs are over; let's take this thing back to the top.
  3. LawnBoy? Cute.:irked: Simply said there is no need for play clocks.
  4. I looked up the prices of the mobile play clock from a local Louisville vendor. Independent system with stand (portable) $4,799--- add another $1,749 for a wireless remote for an official/ press box use. Hard to make it a rule when some teams don't even have a $6k yearly budget. I would love to have them, just don't think it is economically feasible to make it a rule. Now, they can make it a rule if KHSAA wants to foot the bill.:thumb:
  5. BC is indeed in trouble, no principal, no AD in place. But BC's new head coach did not try jumping ship. North principal reached out to him and he declined the offer because it would look poorly on him. I know both guys. They mutually agreed it was a "publicity quagmire" to even mention the idea as they phrased it.
  6. Bullitt Central as well as the other Bullitt schools have some school renovations going on right now, but those don't include new fields and/or athletic complexes. BC has worst facilities in comparison to the other Bullitts.
  7. I would say Marc Sanders and Hunter Cantwell are pretty big names for Louisville area football. Remember there are more schools and people outside of 6A football.
  8. Seems like that would be a publicity and career quagmire if Lawson does that. Didn't Gossett just leave Bullitt Central? What's up at that school, everyone is bailing?
  9. I have heard a lot of big Louisville area names are on the list to interview, any inside scoop of who is interviewing?
  10. IMO 7 on 7 is geared towards offense and when executed correctly can be very beneficial for your team. Drawing in the dirt to win is obviously not very productive or conducive to the grand scheme, but lets look at some stats from the last two years: UK 7 on 7 -2013- Final Three- Collins (State Champs 13-2), Henry Clay (9-3), Lou. Male (12-2) Nelson County 7 on 7- 2014- Final Four- Central Hardin (12-1), Lou. Male (11-1), Bullitt Central (9-3), Iroquois (11-2) Southern 7 on 7- 2014- Final Three- DeSales (State Champs 14-1), South Oldham (8-3), Bullitt Central (9-3) Looks like winning teams are participating in 7 on 7 and being successful. **drops mic**
  11. Very interesting, who is on his staff that he has put together?
  12. Did Coach Weedman from Carroll County leave to another job after his 7 year stint? What's the story behind that? Plus I want to see this back on top and relevant again...
  13. January 10th @ 12:30 University of Cumberlands Players, according to the site must be nominated by their coaches. May want to talk to your teams' coaches. I'm sure the KY staff/team needs and would love to have the NKY talent that dominated the playoffs this year in this game.
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