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  1. I Agree with Dark Horse...Congrats to all the players, what an accomplishment for these young men. Politics, favoritism and horse trading will always be part of the story line. If a player didn’t get selected don’t get all tore up..College recruiters don't put much stock in these lists. They look for players that fit their system and have the measurable to play on Saturday.
  2. Coach Wolfe must be a great coach...15-0 on the season, 6A State Champion, and 7 on 7 National Champion and all that with no All State first teamers...
  3. Class of 2015 was loaded with college talent...based on the 1st team selections, not sure 2016 will be as loaded.
  4. No I don't think we have. But we have beaten Male & St X. I think last year was the first time we have ever played Trinity.
  5. I dont see how you selected Central Hardin over Meade..Meade has 14 District Championships..8 Regional Championships..4 Semi-State Runner-ups and 2 State Runner-ups, is listed as the 49th best program in Ky overall all time and has already beaten the Alabama, LSU's, or Ohio States's of the world . Central has 2 District..1 Regional..1 State Semi. Granted they had 1 good year.
  6. Last year’s team had roughly 19 All state and 12 or so D1 signees. College Coaches from D2, NAIA & D3 attend the practices. Very good event, probably most prestigious All Star game in the State. Last year’s game was televised.
  7. There are a total of 749 college football programs in the Nation. Below is how Ky programs ranked nationally (Dolphin Ratings). There are other power indexes that differ a little. Western Ky-Ranking-38..D1-FBS Louisville-41..D1-FBS Kentucky-90..D1-FBS EKU-184..D1-FCS Morehead St-237..D1-FCS (Non-Scholly) Murray St-273..D1-FCS Thomas More-306..D3 Campbellsville-327..NAIA Lindsey Wilson-334..NAIA Cumberlands-366..NAIA Georgetown-397..NAIA Centre-470..D3 Kentucky Wesleyan-482..D2 Kentucky St-517..D2 Pikeville-520..NAIA Ky Christian-583..NAIA Union Ky-662..NAIA
  8. There is no reason there cannot be a mid-west private league (KY, IN, TN, OH). Hell these teams are already playing private schools outside Ky.
  9. "Yes, they have similar (skill position) athletes. If you knew North and Male like I knew North and Male then you'd agree...clearly you don't. But athletes don't make a team, it's a lot more than to it than just the skill guys....we all know that. Without a sufficient line, athletes become obsolete." We have played both and I can tell u there are night and day as far as athletes
  10. To be honest..CH this year is not as good as last year's team and that team got throttled by Meade in the Regional game last year. The problem is CH really hasn't played anyone in the playoffs that could prepare them for what they will see this friday night. Meade played just about as hard of a schedule in the playoffs last year (Henry Clay..Scott Co..CH..Trinity) as you probably can play and Meade still wasn't ready for what Trinity brought. That's not a bust on Meade or CH (The coaches do an outstanding job with the talent they have). Trinity and Male play in the toughest 6A district, face the best competition week to week and in Trinity’s case outside the state. That prepares them for the playoffs. That’s not saying it can’t be done..because Meade has done it. Just like Trinity last year, Male is just on a whole different level athletically this year. Good Luck CH !!! Nate keep posting those stats !!!
  11. Hardin County Preps..Obviously u didn't review the schedules that close. If I remember CH lost 42-6 at Bowling Green. First, I wouldn't call that a competitive game..second they lost 24-3 to South Warren again not very competitive. Name one quality win for CH? Male has beaten Trinity (Twice)..St. X..Manual (Twice) and PRP. its one thing to play a team on your schedule its a whole different story beating those teams or even being competitive.
  12. Really..North Hardin has similar athletes as Male. If that was the case NH would be playing Friday. Don't forget Male won the National 7 on 7 tourament and completes in the hardest district in 6A.
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