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  1. Sad situation for the Sheldon Clark Cardinals. Juan not playing hurt this team. Congrats to Paintsville.
  2. I resent that statement. Congrats to the Eagles. I can give credit when credit is due. Statements like yours only fuel the fire. Do me a favor. Put me on your ignore list and I won't bother you again. By the way, you have my vote for the worst username on BGP. Have a good one. :thumb:
  3. Will he return to Inez? Hope his family is alright. Great player. Hope he returns?
  4. Greenup county may finally get in the region. Hicks should be thankful for this draw.
  5. This will be a great game. Paintville is overdue to have a solid performance. What better time than a district game! I'll take Paintsville in a close one. 72-70.
  6. Is this the same kid that carried the football team to the state championship? Doesn't sound like him. Sounds like a case of a player thinking he's bigger than the program.
  7. Special teams don't crumble when faced with adversity. We will see if this Paintsville team is gonna be special! Congrats to East Ridge.
  8. Not having any fun it seems to me. Unmotivated and lazy. They turn it on and off alot. This spells disaster!!!!
  9. Plenty of attitudes on this Belfry team. For a team that has won 15 games they seem miserable.
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