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  1. You, working? Isnt there some rule about not posting incorrect information on the site... :lol:
  2. Owens McDavid Vanhoose McCown Black Thomas C. Jones M. Daniel ? ? ?
  3. Catdaddy, nice to see you are out of hibernation!
  4. They have as good a shot as anyone else, outside of Morgan Co, who should be the favorite top go to Rupp.
  5. Yes, but that was only for one player. I still believe that one player would be better off lifting than playing 5 minutes or so a game.
  6. 1. Morgan - Steady all season. 2a. Fairview - 20 wins is no accident. Getting to Morehead will be the hard part. 2b. Ashland - Team chemsitry is at an all time high with everyone contributing. 2c. Boyd - Have the ability, but do they have the right attitude and composure? 3. Russell - I dont think they can do it without Kasey.
  7. Any word on if the team has been selected yet??
  8. The Tomcats looked fantastic tonight! I dont know if they were that good or Pikeville is just that bad. Adam Cannoy had a great game, with a career high 19 points. Drew was his usual self with 19, I think Wilcox and Williams had about 8 a piece or so. Ashland's D was really active tonight and forced a bunch of turnovers. Matt Thomas only had 2 points, he didnt start so all the seniors couls start tonight, he never really seemed to get into the flow of the game. But its nice to know we can win when he doesnt get his average.We can be scary when he is on and everyone else contributes! Growing mo
  9. This thread was started way to early, and Im sure it will be locked well before game day.
  10. A couple missing, thats for sure. You had NOTHING to do with that either right? :lol: :irked: If they would have stayed that would have been a team that could have done some serious damage at Rupp. Oh well....
  11. He threw that one right down the middle. Shooterx3 really left me no choice with a comment like that. A seasoned smart-alek like myself needs more of a challenge. :lol:
  12. You coached them?!?!? That explains everything!!! Now I know why we have struggled so much this season!!! I would like to personally apologize to Mike Flynn, this season is obviously not his fault. Im sure he has had to spend the majority of his time fixing what shooterx3 did years ago. :lol:
  13. Yes, I remember that last time I took the opposite side from you. Actually I think I take the opposite EVERY time. But there was a time when we were on the same side, you know back when you were a HUGE Ashland fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
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