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  1. DS 17 56 Indiana Blaze 51 Elisha Justice comes up big down the stretch
  2. DS 17'S 79 TEAM Kentucky 64 Pretty good game. DS 16's were beating a team from Canada by about 20 at halftime when I last saw them.
  3. DS 17's play Team Kentucky today at 2.30 at UC should be a good game DS 16"s play at 4
  4. Indiana Elite is always a good team, but I was told Shining Stars (Mcfarland) beat them by 19 last weekend
  5. Timmy Knipp and Jordan Shanklin are both playing for DS 16u team Not uncommon for aau rosters to change over the course of a season but I bet your looking at last years roster, still showing Zollo living in Ohio
  6. Derek Smith teams and Team Kentucky I know are at Bearcat Classic this weekend at UC.
  7. Looks to me like there are a record number of kids playing this summer. Here is a list I have, feel free to add to it or tell us how your team is doing. Most teams are playing this weekend. Keep us posted as I think most of us root for all Ky kids to do well:thumb: Ge'Lawn Guyn, Scott County - Indiana Elite Dominique Ferguson, Indianapolis Lawrence North - SYF Players Dakotah Euton, Scott County - Wisconsin Playground Warriors Chad Jackson, Scott County - Shining Stars (McFarland) Josh Sewell, Trinity - Shining Stars (McFarland) Chris Harrison, Trinity - Indiana Elite/Team Indiana 2012 Vinny Zollo, Clark County - Indiana Elite/Team Indiana 2011 Matt Carlino, Gilbert, Ariz. - Indiana Elite One 17U Spencer Turner, Bloomington South - Indiana Elite One 17U Aaron Cosby, Jeffersontown - Nashville Celtics Josh Forrest, Paducah Tilghman - Nashville Celtics Daniel Ross, Jeffersontown - Nashville Celtics Desmond Dorsey, Jeffersontown - Nashville Celtics Robbie Stenzel, Clark County - Derek Smith All-Stars 16U Travis Purvis, Clark County - Derek Smith All-Stars 16U Timmy Knipp, Elliott County - Derek Smith All-Stars 16U Arman Marks, Eastern - Derek Smith All-Stars 16U Remy Abell, Eastern - Derek Smith All-Stars 16U George Fant, Warren Central - Derek Smith All-Stars 16U Jordan Shanklin, Warren Central - Derek Smith All-Stars 16U Evan Maschmeyer, Jeffersonville - Derek Smith All-Stars 16U Donovan Kates, Christian County - Derek Smith All-Stars 16U Marquis Teague, Indianapolis Pike - Spiece Indy Heat 17s Donovan Gibbs, Iroquois - Shining Stars (Jackson) Delquan Thomas, Eastern - Shining Stars (Jackson) Taylor Epley, Trinity - Shining Stars (Jackson) Alex Foley, North Oldham - Shining Stars (Jackson) James Phillischafske, Male - Shining Stars (Jackson) Austin Flannery, Scott County - Shining Stars (McFarland) Donovan Johnson, Shelby County - Cincinnati Shining Stars (Price) Tamron Manning, Scott County - Hoop Dreams Jaylen Beckham, Scott County - Hoop Dreams Mike Terry, Rose Hill - Hoop Dreams Chris Richard, Southern - Kentucky Gators Tim Henderson, Christian Academy - Kentucky Gators Aaron Nance, Seneca - Kentucky Gators Zach McElwain, Seneca - Kentucky Gators Orlando Rutledge, Fern Creek - Kentucky Gators Miles Mitchell, Manual - Kentucky Gators Patrick Butcher, St. Xavier - Kentucky Gators James Berry, North Hardin - Kentucky Gators Cody Lane, Elizabethtown - Kentucky Gators Elisha Justice, Shelby Valley - Derek Smith All-Stars 17s Ashley Hatfield, Shelby Valley - Derek Smith All-Stars 17s Tate Cox, Knott Central - Derek Smith All-Stars 17s Clint Stepp, June Buchanan - Derek Smith All-Stars 17s Madison Johnson, Corbin - Derek Smith All-Stars 17s Colt Barnhill, East Carter - Derek Smith All-Stars 17's Caleb Hardy, Carlisle County- Derek Smith All-Stars 17's Tanner Peaurach, Lex Cath- Derek Smith All-Stars-17s D'Carlo Hayes, Male - Derek Smith All-Stars 17s West Thomas Blakemore, Butler- Derek Smith All-Stars 17s West Jomari Bradshaw, Waggener- Derek Smith All-Stars 17s West Deonte Maddox, Seneca- Derek Smith All-Stars 17s West Sean Samsel, Manual - Derek Smith All-Stars 17s West Alexsandar Nikolic, Manual - Derek Smith All-Stars 17s West Darnell Davis, Owensboro - Central Kentucky Storm Elite 17U Shaquille Wilson, Christian County - Central Kentucky Storm Elite 17U Kevin Glenn, Male - Central Kentucky Storm Elite 17U Lyonell Gaines, Eastern - Central Kentucky Storm Elite 17U Martez Harris, Seneca - Central Kentucky Storm Elite 17U Walter Alexander, Seneca - Central Kentucky Storm Elite 17U Robbie Barber, Scott County - Central Kentucky Storm Elite 17U Josh Stroud, Faridale - Central Kentucky Storm Black 17U Kevin Shaw, Seneca - - Central Kentucky Storm Black 17U A.J. Adams, Jeffersonville - Team Southern Indian Drake Coleman, Jeffersonville - Team Southern Indiana Bryant Conder, Lanesville - Team Southern Indiana Casey Jackson, South Oldham - Shining Star Sports (Jackson) Vance Hall, Franklin County Shining Star Sports (Jackson) Kevin Glenn, Male, Shining Star Sports (Jackson) Nick Rausch, DeSales, Shining Star Sports (Jackson) Desmond Brown, Central - Shining Star Sports (Jackson) Jordan Shelton, Owen County - Shining Star Sports (Jackson) Tyler Newsome, Shelby Valley - Team Kentucky Mike Gabbard, Boone County - Shining Stars (McFarland) Andy Earls, Boone County - Shining Stars (McFarland) Ryan Popp, Boone County - Cincinnati Shining Stars (Price) Steven Kowolonek, Highlands - Shining Stars (McFarland) Collin Lopez, Christian Academy - Higher Level Basketball Reginald Breeden, Moore - Higher Level Basketball Tim Harrison, Moore - Higher Level Baksetball Tony Horne, Male - Higher Level Basketball Tre Jones, Manual - Higher Level Basketball Brandon Ritchie, DeSales - Higher Level Basketball Bobby Stauffer, Ryle - Northern Kentucky Bulldogs Matt Trammel, Dixie Heights - Northern Kentucky Bulldogs Ryan Fucci, Tates Creek - Lexington Ice Taylor Barnette, Lexington Christian - Lexington Ice Taylor Martin, Lexington Catholic - Lexington Ice Scott Schuette, Lexington Catholic - Shining Stars (Pittman) Kellen Smith, Scott - Shining Stars (Pittman) Jake Geisler, Newport Central Catholic - Shining Stars (Pittman) Kyle King, Deming - Shining Stars (Pittman) Neal Pawsett, Mason County - Shining Stars (Pittman) Jordan Gilbert, Mason County - Shining Stars (Pittman) Evan Bingham, DeSales - Shining Stars U15 (Pittman) Brandon Brooks, DeSales - Shining Stars U15 (Pittman) Cameron Duncan, DeSales - Shining Stars U15 (Pittman)
  8. I heard Meyer's just won the 3 point shooting contest at the ky-ohio all star skills competition:thumb:
  9. Have to agree with you, they are both arguably on a list for top 15 in the state, to make the top 40 list, there should be no argument. You always want to look at a great shooter with high skills and basketball IQ and there is no more explosive to the rimm post player in the state than Leonard,after Richie's injury, I would have thought Leonard was a "must look" but there has always been a certain amount of politics around the Kentucky-Indiana team which transcends just trying to win.:confused:
  10. You nailed it on the head and if you talk to Elisha he will confirm it. I thought it was one of the headiest plays I've ever seen. Justice saw the game slipping away and he single handedly made a 5 point play to turn a 10 point game into a 3 point game. If Shelby had gone on to win, they would have been talking about that play for years. Elisha ran into an opportunity, made a quick decision to sell it, and the ref bought it. I also agree that these two were the two best point guards in the tournament and watching them go head to head was a lot of fun. Near as I can tell, its Ethan 2 Elisha 1 for their career. Both of them have a bright future at the next level:thumb:
  11. So much for Holmes pulling away in the 4th quarter. Central has to be the most underated team in this tournament. How did they have 14 losses? WOW Still Looking for Ricardo to win this thing in overtime He is the front runner for Mr Basketball 2010 right now
  12. Congrautlations to Holmes, they were the better team this morning. Homes and Central may be the two best coached teams in the tournament. Looking for Holmes to pull out the championship in the 4th quarter.
  13. 1. Holmes will not shoot like they did against Lex Cath the first half. 2. Elliot will not slow the pace down, if anything, they will speed it up. 3. Holmes is certainly the favorite on paper and look like they are too big and strong, but if anyone shows "fatigue" it will be Holmes. Elliot doesn't get tired until their 4th game of the day, this is below normal their normal workout schedule lol. 4. Ferg has to score over 20 and T Knipp has to have a double/double for Elliot to win. 5. Pittman will get a T 6. The game will be very entertaining 7. This game will remind you of a Rocky movie 8. When was the last time Rocky got beat? :dancingpa No matter what happens, this Elliot team will be remembered for a long time. Thanks for the memories boys
  14. Chris Dowe was impressive. Put him down for the Kentucky All stars, he will be playing d-1 somewhere
  15. Shelby Valley 65 Mason 53 Too many weapons for Shelby Valley and Justice will have 10+ deflections/steals. On the other hand, most of Elliot County will be rooting for the Royals so they maybe the crowd favorite:clap:
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