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  1. Why is it a conflict of interest if I happen to know referees?? I know probably 70% of the 16th region officials because, to answer your previous question, I used to be a referee in this region and I called all levels including Varsity...I also umpire with one of your administators at Rose Hill...I consider him a friend and if you ask him I am positive that he would tell you that I do my job with the highest degree of professionalism...So before you lump me in with a group of "Britt Bashers", I umpired their games a couple of times last year & can guarantee you I treated every girl with th
  2. I would not say it was an upset...It was upsetting how Russell played... Have not played well since Boone...Played two good teams but that is not an excuse for how the girls have responded...No one likes to lose but both games should have been much more competitive...If you lose games and you can look back & say, "we did everything we could do", you don't like the loss but you can at least be proud of the effort...
  3. I'm not saying that is what happened...I'm just saying it could be...As for that being unprofessional?? I can tell you that officials will not tolerate their partner or fellow refs being disrespected...They will often "T" up a coach if they make derrogatory comments toward their partner...If they witness it during their game after witnessing it during the game prior to their's they may take any negative comment they hear during their game as a continuation of the disrespect to their profession that they just witnessed...Again, my point being if I do not want to be a "target" I am not going to
  4. Great deflection...Typical...Let's twist what is said to get the attention off the obvious...What does Russell have to do with what happened last night???
  5. After reading this post I spoke to one of the officials from the JV game and they confirmed that the player at the center of the "conspiracy" was indeed making comments a good deal of the game...He stated that they were personal comments that may bother other officials but he found them comical...Here are some of the comments: "Hey, don't blink or you'll miss a call...Oh wait, you've been missing them all night"..."I saw you blink, you just missed another one"...Another one was, "Better get a head start cause I've seen you try to get up the floor"...Those may not be the "exact" words but that
  6. This is really what I was trying to say...Thanks Blazer!!...I was not trying to be negative...Actually, it probably started before that tourney game but nevertheless the same attention was paid to Britt at Russell as it is now...My point being, it has nothing to do with her leaving Russell & everything to do with the way she plays the game...Fair or not that may certainly draw extra attention to her from referees...There was a boy from Lawrence Co a few years back that lead the region in technicals...It is possible that the refs had a shorter tolerance with him than other players due to hi
  7. Britt had the same foul troubles when she was at Russell...Her foul troubles traveled with her when she transferred...Your conspiracy theory is crap!!!
  8. Sure it was an upset but that's what happens in the 16th...Teams know each other and Rowan was very prepared tonight...Sure, Russell didn't play their best but give Rowan credit for causing some of that...Same thing happened at Fleming last year... Congratulations to Rowan...They outplayed Russell tonight...It's January 18th and there's a lot of basketball left to be played...I don't remember there being a trophy being presented after the game although if you watched Troy Lee you would have thought there was...
  9. I can understand if I would have driven 120 miles to play & the fouls were 29 - 15, I might be screaming too...BTW, prior to the last 3 or 4 mins when Boone really started fouling to try & get the ball back, the foul count was much closer...My guess is that 8 or 9 of Boone's fouls came in the last 3 mins or so...Take the "try to" fouls out & you have a 5 or 6 foul difference...Not bad considering the difference in the way the 2 teams play defense...If Russell had been down, the reverse would have happened...Did you really get homered?? No, but few would argue with you simply by loo
  10. It is a quality win against an excellent team...Ratings are nice but our girls realize how tough it will be to get out of the region...It doesn't matter where we are ranked come district time...In fact, there's a little school who wears orange a couple miles down the road that would like nothing more than to beat us in the first round of the district if we draw one another...If we make it out of the district there are several teams that are capable of winning the 16th region...We just hope we can stay healthy and compete for a championship in March...
  11. Russell - 10 6 19 24 - 59 Boone Co - 9 16 5 17 - 47 Russell - Fortman 34pts, 12 rebs; O'koro 7 pts, 20 rebs; Simpson 9 pts, 6 rebs; Adkins 7 pts, 3 assists; Sparks 2 pts, 5 rebs, 4 steals Boone Co - Behrens 13 pts, 6 rebs; Hicks 13 pts, 5 rebs; Reed 7pts, 7 rebs; Switzer 5 pts, 6 rebs; Bradley 5 pts; Brasseaux 4 pts, 7 rebs
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