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  1. As I understand it that is how the situation might be resolved but despite my past work for the KAAC, I haven't heard anything official. This comes from a local (to Russell) source.
  2. I wasn't necessarily making that statement toward the main issue here. There have been quite a few asides (toward the KAAC mainly) that I would submit are unsubstantiated. And as for the public record aspect, sure the allegations are in "black and white" but the media need not leave students open to public record when they have done nothing wrong. That's where I'm taking issue. And for the most part I don't really think grudges are playing a whole lot into this. Certainly I'd like to see my alma mater in a good light and would like others to see it the same way. However, I also realize people are entitled to their own informed opinions and allowed to make judgments on their own.
  3. I suppose what I intended was that individuals who were not involved in any of the wrongdoing are suffering a great deal of the heat from the statewide media. It's a very serious situation and the people who are going to end up paying for it from a media standpoint are students and other innocent parties due to rampant speculation, unjustified claims, etc.
  4. :lol::lol: Haha, yeah it's cool. If Russell Robot were the worst thing I'd ever been called, I'd be living one heck of a life. I just found it amusing.
  5. I'd just like to briefly throw my two cents in here, I think it's appropriate. Most of what I will be responding to comes from my experience with the KAAC and how it works as well as some personal experience. First, to JPP: KAAC does have a certification program in place to ensure that those who attend the competitions are well versed on the rules. Losing certification does prevent you coaching at meets; however, I am not aware of a situation like this ever occurring in the past - at least not one being reported - so this, even talking of lifetime bans or suspensions, is unprecedented ground for the association. For those who have said that academic competitions are among the most corrupt things: Contrary to what other people have said, the KAAC is perhaps the most well- oiled and certainly is one of the most organized academic competition entities in the country. They have numerous, stringent policies relating to fair play, recruiting, and any number of other violations. The number of complaints that have been made on this board toward Russell and numerous other undisclosed schools likely triples the number of complaints that have been officially lodged in 20 years of competition. The KAAC takes pride in running a fair competition for all member schools; this cannot be said of the academic competitions in all states or even at the national level - I know from having experienced it on both sides. Third, to anyone inquiring about Col. Burgess: Currently, as stated in the article, Col. Burgess is the director for the 16th region. His capacity, I believe, is as a facilitator in the distribution of testing materials and as a contact to the needs of tournament directors. If I'm not mistaken, his role has nothing to do with calling or postponing the tournament. He will be just as interested as everyone else as to the findings of the report. Part of what is at stake is the reputation that he helped build, though I'm sure he is far more concerned with the well being of all the students in the region. Fourth, and I hate to beat the dead horse, but please refrain from comments deriding the academic accomplishments of past, present and future STUDENTS. It is ultimately up to them to decide how successful they are in the classroom and in Governor's Cup. That being said, the teachers at Russell do an excellent job of preparing their students for many aspects of life - social, mental, and scholastic. I understand that such an alleged impropriety may look bad, but it should not invalidate years of well mannered achievement. Lastly, as a member of two of Russell's state championship teams (I'm sure I am one of those Russell robots!), I am eager to hear the findings by the KAAC that will be published tomorrow. Until then, all this speculation is ridiculous. Not only are many people basing their judgment off of stereotypes of the Russell school system, they are truly making life difficult for individuals associated with the program. This is a regional story at best that has become a media circus and has rapidly spread statewide. Despite what may or may not have happened, the costs that members of various outlets have placed upon daily activities of pupils at associated schools is flat out ridiculous. I hope that this issue will be resolved in a manner that best accommodates everyone involved and punishes those who were at fault appropriately, neither too harshly nor too gently. Admittedly, I count Mr. Knupp as a personal friend and hope for his well being; however, if found in violation of the Coaching Code of Conduct he should suffer consequences proportional to the wrongdoing.
  6. Nope, HIGH LIFE! and both Doritos commercials were better.
  7. The actual production (particularly editing) of the movie and the supporting actors leave alot to be desired; however, Eastwood more than makes up for these flaws. He brings the wit and vulgarity you'd expect and is relentless in delivering on his hard edge persona. The movie is very enteraining and I highly recommend it to anyone so long as they are not easily offended.
  8. Dolly misses PAT after Russell's Abrams runs 65 yards to the land of plenty. Russell 16 Raceland 13
  9. Rolling toward the end of the first. Russell's Travis Jones just returned the kick to the Raceland 10.
  10. I was kind of joking. I do maintain, however, that they would be worse and that IF they traded Hamilton, they wouldn't get a Volquez.
  11. If Hamilton was a Red.... He would have been traded in the last few days for a couple of AA prospects and a used athletic supporter. I think it's pretty clear that all of the Reds are up on the auction block at low, low prices. Had Hamilton had the year here in Cincy that he's having in Texas, he would have likely been given up for less than Volquez. And to answer the question specifically, no the Reds would not have a better record. It all starts with pitching. If you ain't got it, you ain't gonna win it.
  12. I realize it's not two Kentucky teams, but Russell and Ironton, OH, haven't played each other in almost 20 years. Now I have heard several theories as to why this occurred, but the one I choose to believe is that neither Coach McGlone nor Bob Lutz wished to go head-to-head late in their careers. I think they've made a deal to play each other in 2009 and 2010 home and home, but for being in such proximity - that is to say they are 2.2 miles apart across the earth's surface according to Google Earth which is closer than any other school is to Russell, including Raceland -to one another it has been a little odd for me never to see them play.
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