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  1. Yeah I expected them to beat Boise State by 10 or more, but of course I was wrong. I don't really have to much faith in Kelly and him staying there for to long.
  2. Yeah that is true. I actually looked for Oregon to give USC a run for their money. Now it looks like Cal is the only team, besides Oregon State, who will be able to beat the Trojans. Yeah I don't agree with that either. Penn State played a weak Akron team while OK. State beat a pretty solid UGA team, who was ranked.
  3. A.J. Green and Julio Jones are the best two wide outs in the SEC, yet many don't believe they are top wide outs in the country. Cobb is no where near those two guys and I don't think he ever will be. I mean he would be a top 5-7 wide out in the conference, but that would make him about a top 20-30 wide out or lower in the country.
  4. Bama should be ranked ahead of USC. BYU should be around 11-14, not 9th. Boise should be in the top 10. Notre Dame goes from 23rd to 18th after beating Nevada, yet Boise State went from 16th to 12th after beating Oregon.
  5. And the guys on ESPN said Rutgers had a shot at winning the Big East..
  6. First off, Ohio State must control the ground game. USC has so many talented backs. They have to be able to stop them at some point. They looked AWFUL against Navy's triple option. I hope Tress realizes what the Trojan's strength's are. Second, our defense must play better all around as a whole. We have to get to Barkley early. He's a true freshman, he is going to be nervous as hel*, we get to him a couple times early, he will be crying for his mommy. Third, lets please capitalize on USC mistakes. If it's a turnover, we have to score. Get a field goal if anything. Tress listening to Pryor and going for it on 4th down was really a stupid move. If I were the coach and I agreed to that you would have seen a play action roll out by Pryor, go back and watch the game the left side was wide open. USC is a team who rarely makes mistakes, if we can just capitalize on them this game will belong to us. Fourth, Pryor and Herron have to play better all around games. Pryor has to know when to make big throws, big runs, and find his open guys on time, not 3-5 seconds to late. Herron has to run with speed, power, and not be afraid. This is a game we need to utilize the run, and wear down that strong defense. We need Herron to pick up at least 90-100 yards rushing, and Saine picking up around 55-65. Ohio State has to prove they are for real. The USC loss a year ago, the Ohio game a year ago, and now the Navy game this season. We have to prove we belong, we are a top 5 team, and we can contend for the National Championship. I truly believe we come out as a new team, Tress doesn't make stupid play calls, the defense plays solid, and Pryor makes some nice plays. With that said, I'll take Ohio State 31-27.
  7. Yes they did, but I was just impressed by the way they came out and handled business. I mean they won a game they were supposed to early in the year, yet last season they were losing to a Wyoming team who won 4 games, and went 1-7 in the Mountain West. So yes, I was impressed. Pryor made a few mistakes, but he is also a sophomore starting in his first ever season opening game. He is going to improve tremendously. He has a solid arm and he makes big plays with his feet. He isn't a Tebow or Bradford, but he is going to mold into a Vince Young type player, the college Vince Young hopefully. As for your statement on Cobb, I don't believe he could be a top WR in the country, but in the SEC he could be. He has a lot of potential and upside, but I don't see him being a guy who can get you 1,200-1,400 yards, and 12-15 TD's like the best wide outs do.
  8. Michigan will keep it close, but I believe Notre Dame has to much on offense for the Wolverines to handle. ND, 27-17.
  9. He should have, Joe Pa let him throw 40 balls against Akron. My top five would be 1. McCoy 2. Tebow 3. Dez Bryant 4. Eric Decker 5. Jonathan Dwyer
  10. From this years first Saturday of games. Teams: Navy, Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Baylor, and Cal. Players: Decker(Minnesota), Crompton(Tenn), Pryor(Ohio State), Jarrett Brown(W. Virginia), and Jonathan Dwyer(G. Tech)
  11. First off, I give Navy all the credit in the world. They outplayed us, and they honestly deserved this game. We just lucked up and picked off the two point conversion try and took it back for two points of our own. Things that really stuck out to me 1. Why would you take Pryor out of the game when it was 17-7? It's not like your playing EKU, Western, or Morehead, it's 17-7, it's the second quarter, and your playing a pretty good football team. That just really puzzled me. 2. How could you not stop that option? What's Navy known for doing? 13 pass attempts compared to 44 rushing attempts. Yet we couldn't find a defense to stop the option. Amazing. 3. Pryor looked good. Yes he had a pick, but he also made some very nice throws and plays with his feet. He isn't close to his peak yet, but I can't wait until he gets there. It's going to be dangerous. 4. Kurt Coleman is the heart of this team. 5. Tress needs to find him an offensive coordinator. His play calling is a joke. 6. USC will run all over us, for the second straight year, if we can't fix our offensive and defensive line problems. 7. Ray Small has to come back and be strong and healthy. I was impressed with our core of wide outs, but adding Small to the mix makes us much more stronger. 8. Duron Carter will be a stud in the coming years, but he is also going to be a big part of our success in 2009. I like his game, and he can be a solid weapon for us.
  12. Happy to see Lane get his first W as a Vol. I really wish him well at Tennessee.
  13. Expected a UK win in this one. Their next game will be a little bit tougher though..
  14. If Bradford plays this entire game Oklahoma wins by 2 or more TDs. Sad to see Sam go down like this, hope to see him recover and get back to his full potential.
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