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  1. Great game by Goetz. Put the Crusaders on his back in the 2nd half. Double teamed most of the 2nd half and still hit shot after shot. Really liked how he realized Beechwood was running 2 at him and got some wide open looks for his teammates. Heck of a stat line. Amazes me how many people in attendance don't know the rules about final .3
  2. I was sent a picture of him and I'd go with 6'9-6'10. Heard he was a possible soph transfer and not Jake Walter unless he got a really good tan
  3. Really proud of the Cru tonight. Many people weren't even giving them a chance in this tournament. Just ran out of gas. They all should hold their heads high. Hats off to CCH. They are the better team. How about Adam Goetz? Tonight the area was introduced to one of the top players. IMO he's as good as any guard in NKY (excluding Boldeb) Kid is a gym rat who has worked his tail off since I knew him at knee high. Been awhile since the Cru has had someone like him. Clyde: Curious who from St H is now on CCH squad?
  4. Did anyone realize the clock kept running for 15sec after the ball went out of bounds early in the 4th qtr? Maybe around 6min mark.
  5. I gotta say Stinkyboy II has it right on. Only thing I would possibly change is remove Highlands and watch out for Ludlow. They have some nice returning starters and Coach Hart will only except 110%effort.
  6. This is always the game I think of. It was do thrilling. I remember walking out and my wife saying "that was the best game I've ever seen"
  7. No one will talk about St Henry but they return a lot. Noble and Kunstek down load could be a load. Rechtin and Plummer will be the senior guards, both kept improving as this season went on. Not to mention Adam Goetz will be a soph and he has a lot of promise in a program he's basically been in since birth.
  8. That's really cool. Changes an impression I had of him. Thanks for sharing
  9. From what I hear Chris Mack is close friends with Coach Ruthsatz do I believe he's there for multiple reasons.
  10. I agree neither team played well but In my opinion a lot of the sloppy play was a mixture of many things but one of the big reasons was the type of defense being played. No one was really getting easy shots off. Even the 3s were somewhat contested.
  11. Funny...I remember the Cooper fans posting how Cooper just played bad the first time St Henry and Cooper met when it was ugly and pretty close. Must of coincidentally played bad again vs the Cru. Or just maybe it was the way the Cru planned it. Hmm
  12. Got to go with Alex Trentman of Brossart and Jordan Noble of St Henry.
  13. Love how NCC's staff takes up 2 rows. Does the entire staff need to be in attendance?
  14. I've got to say this: This Cru squad played fairly well tonight and proved to me if they start clicking...they actually can play with anyone. They will not be a easy draw for anyone come Tourn time. 72pts tonight and that's with an awful 5pt 3rd Qtr. Also I'm very proud of these seniors. I'm honored to watch them grow up. I think the best ball is still ahead of them. Keep working Cru
  15. Haha! Good to chat with you. Yeah he wasn't the only one that noticed the St Henry Band needed some more practice.
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