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  1. Underwhelmed by Scott County per usual. Trinity seemed like the better team. Won't be shocked if Corbin plays them tough.
  2. 1-Corbin 1-Scott County 1-Warren Central 1-John Hardin 1-UHA 1-Oldham County 1-Covington Catholic 1-Fern Creek 2-Scott County 2-Warren Central 2-Oldham County 2-Fern Creek 3-Warren Central 3-Fern Creek 5-Warren Central TB 126
  3. I was looking forward to getting to see this young man play. How many points difference is he worth. I don't know exactly what the situation is but any shot that Mason upsets TC and he plays Round 2?
  4. A couple of factors come to mind in this type of matchup. Offense may be at a premium and I suspect Murray will defend Buckhorn very well. Bigger court will play a huge factor imo. Murray coming off 3 straight games on college court and BHS, to my knowledge has played 0 games on a 94ft court. Grit and heart is is one thing that can't be matched, however. I'm saying Murray 51-34
  5. I was running through some games/stats for Taylor; not sure if it has been mentioned within this thread yet but how many games have they lost when Gaines has been in uniform. He appears to be quite the difference maker.
  6. Murray NCC BG Mercer Co. Lawrence Co. Christian Co. Taylor Co. O'Cath NCC Mercer Co. Christian Co. Taylor Co. Mercer Co. Christian Co. Christian Co 120
  7. George Rogers Clark Eastern Christian County Lexington Catholic Rowan County Perry County Central Bullit East Marshall County Eastern Lexington Catholic Rowan County Bullit East Eastern Bullit East Eastern 111
  8. Betsy Layne is located on route 23, Allen Central is on 80.
  9. Betsy Layne followed by Johnson Central and Pikeville...the only other two contenders
  10. Christian Academy-Louisville DeSales University Heights Newport Central Catholic Danville Barbourville Gallatin County Bishop Brossart Desales NCC Barbourville Bishop Brossart NCC Bishop Brossart Bishop Brossart 109
  11. Much like UK football, it seems that FSU beats somebody every year that they have no buisness beating.
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