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  1. I am a Bengals fan but I really do hope that Johnson is not a Bengal next year. I feel he is the most over-hyped player in the NFL now that Vick is playing prison ball. He is constantly running his mouth off and to me falls into the same catagorey as TO. They both are self absorbed and care more about themselves than the team. I say trade him off and try to get a solid draft pick and money for him. He has peaked physically and TJ and Henrey are more than capable of being 1 & 2. Thats just my thoughts though.
  2. How can you keep a player who signs a LOI to play at a school from transfering if they want? Contracts don't keep coaches from leaving when a better spot is open. Why do we hold young men who have their whole life ahead of them to a diffrent standard than the people we hire to guide them? Seems like a load of hog-wash on part of UofL administration as well as any other party involved (NCAA). Any young person should be allowed to attone for a mistake, including signing with a school that he/she is unhappy at. (I'm not picking on UofL here because I thought the Stone ordeal with my Wildcats was hog-wash as well)
  3. If he goes to Boyle that would be 2 current head coaches in the state of Kentucky that have beaten Louisville, and 0 that have beaten UK.
  4. Maybe OSU should have played Hawaii and Georgia should have played LSU for the title.
  5. I guess the Slow 10 just can't compete with REAL athletes.......
  6. Yeah like 2 SEC schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  7. His stats warrant this award, but after watching him play in the State Championship I don't think he is the best senior in the state. I saw numerous kids this year that I thought were better than him, none that had his numbers, and few that were as pivotal to their team, but several that were just better. Congrads any way though.
  8. WOOOOO!!!!1111!! GOOOO $EC!!! SEC #1!!!! etc..... I couldn't help my-self.
  9. I am a big SEC football guy, and I think the SEC is the best football confrence in the country hands down. I don't like the Big X because they don't play a confrence championship and they seem to play a much slower style of football. But anyone who thinks that OSU and Michigan couldn't come into the SEC and compete for the SEC crown every year is kidding themselves. If you let either team play Flordia, LSU, UT, Alabama, Georgia and Auburn at alternating sites they would more than hold their own. I don't know if any of these teams could go to the Horse-shoe and win or if any could walk out with a W in the Big House. (I know that Appy St. won at the Big House but the focus level for any of these teams would be much better than it was for Appy St.) Now both teams would suffer some losses because they would have a hard time going into the mentioned teams homes and winning, but they would play a role in the SEC Championship every year. If it be by being in the game or by beating a team that looked like it would be playing in the game.
  10. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/BCSStandings 5 SEC schools & 4 Big East schools. How do they not agree?:confused:
  11. Lets see Mauk put up those kind of numbers in the SEC. Mauk plays in the Big Easy (East) he has not seen the competition that Woodson has and even if Woodson does have a better supporting cast his supporting cast versus their competition against Mauk's is not even close. Mauk's supporting cast has not played anyone like Flordia, Georgia, LSU, or Tennessee. Woodson is better, plays on a better team, plays in a better confrence, and will be a better pro.
  12. Stick to playing in a weak confrence and getting smacked around by the SEC teams in Bowl Games..................
  13. Contribute his scholarship to someone else hopefully.
  14. This is the same Tressel that stood next to Maurice Clarrett and said he was a good person and took up for him. I'm sorry I have no respect for anyone that stands next to a person with that type of character.
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