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  1. Highlands 1979 Frosh team. Several BGPers in this pic as well as my all time favorite BIRDSFAN!
  2. A little closer to it than that :sssh:
  3. Anthony Christopher "Cris" Collinsworth
  4. That's awesome! A sincere congrats to the CCH Frosh. How about the JV? Will they be playing next week or will they be otherwise occupied at something besides playing a football game?
  5. Its like CovCath beating HHS in Varsity Football. It calls for a celebration. It was a much improved team for Highlands over the last several games. They have given up 1 or no goals over the last 5 games. Now they play the winner of Sacred Heart and Lex Cath for the final Saturday night in Lexington.
  6. Nice game. Birds answered this challenge tonight. Went down 1-0 and came back with a nice goal by Taylor Vaughn before half. Highlands went first on PKs 1-1 after the first round with Brooklynn Rivers hitting for the Birds then 2-1 HHS with the second NDA attempt high Then 3-1 The third NDA attempt hit left post Highland's Kayla Nehus nailed the 4th and it was over. Kiersten Clukey and Allyson Bridewell made the other PKs for the Birds
  7. The Frosh score was 3-1. The scary fast 8th grader for the frosh Birds made a goal in the 2nd half.
  8. I heard he accepted the offer today while on an unofficial visit, and will probably take an official visit next week.
  9. He never failed it either. Cris never had a chance to take the bar based on his schedule following law school and his meteoric rise in the broadcast world. Cris did graduate from UC Law School and did quite well.
  10. Need to replace the football under the name with the Mean Bird
  11. As much, or more so than any player in KY this year. He is clearly a special player and has all the tools to be successful at the next level.
  12. Where is Tdyballgame to point out that Highlands was ranked 21st in the first ever USA today national year-end poll, long before CC ever knew Highlands existed..... HHS has been ranked in the polls several other years when CC didn't have a kid on the team.
  13. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/preps/football/poll/2009-super25.htm 4. Highlands, Fort Thomas, Ky. (15-0) Previous: 6. Result: Won its third consecutive state 5A title, defeating John Hardin (Elizabethtown) 35-7 on Friday. Austin Collinsworth ran for 176 yards and three TDs for the Bluebirds. Next: Season complete.
  14. Johnson Central's rushing offense was very powerful and difficult to stop. However, they are one dimensional, and this year their defense was not good.
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