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  1. Blake Newman was also used as a TE also. This was Dales last year of really using a TE as a offensive threat.
  2. I think those were Brandon Roller's stats. Kyle Wells also played tight end also that are not included in those numbers.
  3. You are not using that same math that you used to predict the SK-HHS outcome this past Friday?
  4. The principal has retired! It's kind like when you were a senior and Bill Doan tried catching you skipping school and hunting his property while he was at school!
  5. The birds need help on defense personnel wise. Murray is a nice running back but his aggressive nature as a running back would make a nice addition to the linebacker group! The two headed monster of him and Pulsfort at running back is wasting two good athletes only playing half of the offensive plays.
  6. Rrrr Does this include the district champs for HHS in 2004 after all the wins were restored? Just a ?
  7. How many went thru receivers hand and then intercepted? They should play for UK , their receivers can't catch them either!
  8. Down 14 pt trying to make something happen! I know that hasn't played flawless football this season but UK's best chance to win today was with Pat! I wish someone had the stats for how many drop balls that Pat had throughout this season. Sometimes it looks like a qb throws a ball completely nowhere near a receiver and it looks like it's the qb missed when really the receiver ran the wrong route based on the defensive coverage!
  9. N Ok I'll play your game, in the last 8 years the birds have made it to the finals. You seem to think that the coaches didn't play the best players to win this game but you have been saying all year that this team had just as much talent as in the past. So the coaches did that on purpose to loose the game? I'm very proud of this team for not giving up when it would have been easy to do! Sometimes the other team just has more talent and this year happens to be one. The seniors had a great career and they should be proud of that and all they've accomplished!
  10. You made it sound like Barker was going to be the savior for horrible offense that UK has had all season. It turns out he was no better considering the o-line and receivers that Pat had to deal with!
  11. , I was wondering the same thing unless players were not playing assignment football! Highlands defense "use" to play gap responsiblity and maybe there was to much freelancing going on?
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