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  1. Congrats to the Tigers! They have really played well after their poor performance against JC last time around.
  2. Congrats to Boyd Co. Good effort by Morgan! The Lions aren't much more than average this year, but I wouldn't have expected them to have been given such a close game by Morgan's young team this year. Just goes to show you that anyone can be beat on a given night. Even Russell (which should win the Region) found that out when they played Boyd Co.
  3. Congrats to Elliott! They have rebounded nicely from their loss in the All A. I think they are 2nd in the 16th right now, behind Russell. But they have a good chance of winning it too. But in the Regional tourneys anything can happen, so you can't even disregard any team!
  4. Sort of weird to resign toward the end of the season??
  5. I don't have any official stats, but this was posted on BluegrassRivals: South Laurel 58 Paintsville 57 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL Paintsville and South Laurel both shot 37% from the floor. Paintsville outrebounded South Laurel 31 to 29 but the Tigers committed 16 turnovers while South Laurel only committed 9. At the end of 1 it was South Laurel 13 and Paintsville 8. At halftime the game was tied at 25. At the end of 3 it was South Laurel 50 and Paintsville 40. At the end of regulation it was South Laurel 58 and Paintsville 57 after SL got an offensive board and put back with 24 seonds remaining. After a timeout Painstville got the ball inside to VanHoose and the shot was blocked out of bounds. Paintsville got another chance and Slone drove the basket and dished off to VanHoose but his shot did not fall as the clock ran out. Paintsville was led in scoring by Landon Slone with 18, J.D. VanHoose and Shane Grimm both netted 13, Blake Bundy and Van Ferguson had 5 points each and Daniel Meade rounded out the Tiger scoring with 3 points. South Laurel was led in scoring by Ty Proffitt with 22 points, 12 of those coming from behind the arc. He caught fire at the end of the 3rd quarter hitting 3 straight from behind the arc. Smith and Hammond both hit double figures for South Laurel also. Costly turnovers beat Paintsville in the 3rd quarter.
  6. Would be nice, but it seems that we are headed in the opposite direction! 20 years ago, this sort of thing would not have been tolerated and the same with half of what goes on in the schools! But lets get back on to the topic of the game!
  7. And just think....no matter how they finish this year, look what they will have next year!! Sort of scarry when you consider how young they are!
  8. If it was that bad, then it is most unfortunate. But unless the school personnel do something about it I don't look for it to get any better. Kids will always push as far as they are allowed!! The school personnel must start dealing with these sort of things or it will continue. And unfortunately a lot of adults are just as bad! I've personally heard very bad profanity shouted out by adults right in front of small children. What sort of example does that set?
  9. Records aside: JBS Hazard Breathitt The rest are irrelevant!
  10. Don't doubt your word, I just didn't hear it. I was on the Russell side, but didn't hear it. I could have been talking or something. Anyway, it is unfortunate but not uncommon anymore. You'll unfortunately hear it most other places too.
  11. I'd take any of the dominant teams from the past 5 years and put them up against any team in the 16th this year. In my opinion that makes the 16th down. If you are defining "stronger" some other way, then you may be right. But there is no single team this year that is better than some of the teams of the past few years.
  12. Not really surprised by this one.. Morgan is well coached and plays very good D, but they just simply have no offense this year. Until they can start scoring, they are not going to win many. Congrats to the Vikings! As for the Cougars, start shooting the ball!!!
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