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  1. Why did the kid from Harlan County only get 2 free throws? Was he not attempting a half court shot? The video looked like he was fouled in the act of shooting. Just curious. Great ending to the game though.
  2. East Carter graduated the night before on Thursday.
  3. West Carter will be a little short-handed. They'll still be a tough out though.
  4. East Carter and Lawrence Co. was tied 5-5 after 6, the JV guys finished the game, not sure on the final.
  5. Greenup has to be the favorite based on last season and overall talent and coaching. Respect is earned, not given. West does have 3 really nice players in Jordan, Brown, and Johnson.
  6. He's looking at Late April or early May according to doctors.
  7. better be, dead period started last night.
  8. Not hardly, East a Carter was drilling HC, up 7 and dominating until Coach Easterling subbed 4 young ones into the game, (2 6th graders, a 7th grader and an 8th grader I believe, which is ok with me, got to get some experience) HC out scored that group 12-1 I think and won by 5-6, hardly a drilling
  9. that at sounds more reliable, nothing against Melanie but figured Mr. high would be the first choice.
  10. Melanie Cornett before she got married, nice player for Rowan Co a few years ago, played for Troy Lee 1 year and helped him at Bath 1—2 years. Is it for sure she has the job?? Heard John High applied for this job! This would be her first head coaching job.
  11. Trade off. Football not allowed to do anything against other schools in June, boy's basketball not allowed to do anything against other schools in July.
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