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  1. Big congrats to David Jones on the kickoff return in your final game. All of us at Belfry are really proud of all that you've accomplished. Now finish it and walk through the graduation line with your head held high.:thumb:
  2. I second the two most obvious observations.:lol:
  3. I only saw three state title games, and he was the most impressive back I saw that day.
  4. Campbell is probably my favorite, along with Walter Payton. But I'd say #1 is definitely Barry Sanders. He only had one year under 1,200 yards and thats because he only played in 11 games. #2 - #5 could be argued day after day after day. I do have a question for the thread starter. Why no LaDanian Tomlinson one of the selections. In my opinion he is in the 2-5 range.
  5. I've probably seen less football across the state this year than in any of the past 10 years. However, I keep up with players through reading and hearsay as much as anybody. But because I haven't "eye-witnessed" as much I feel a little funny asking this question. Am I the only one who thinks the AP all-state list gets worse and worse every year?
  6. I'd flip number 1 and 2 if it were me, but I completely agree with the rest of your list.
  7. Isn't he (McCoy) a true sophomore? If so, doesn't he have to come back?
  8. I am surprised by the score, and tickled pink that the Pirates pitched a shutout. Way to go Bucs!
  9. I think the Pirates will pull this one out, but I'm not expecting anything but a great game that won't be decided until the final horn. Belfry 28 - Russell 20
  10. It sure wasn't pretty. But I can't wait until next week!!!!
  11. Thanks! Did I read this correctly? Central is running the Triple-Option????
  12. I'll ask again just to make sure someone who may have seen Louisville Central play hears me...How does this year's RB compare to Darrell Taylor, Louisville Central's RB of one year ago? BTW...I'm not trying to be difficult, I'd just really like to know.
  13. I don't think they'll shock anyone. What I mean by that is they have just as good of a chance as anyone in the east. They've been a very tough out every year, and this isn't the first time they've beaten an Ivan McGlone coached squad. Nobody will be taking them lightly.
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