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  1. Coach Maddox is chasing more National Powerlifting championships and needs his football members to report on Tuesday.
  2. Great season Rocks! Now it's off to Powerlifting and other offseason training to get ready for next season. Take nothing for granted!
  3. When you read stories like this, you can understand why Trinity continues to win.
  4. I am hoping Coach Coverdale takes over for Coach Beatty after he wins #23 and rides into the sunset. I figure this will be the beginning of the 2013 season.
  5. I totally agree. Unfortunately the two largest KY school districts, JCPS and Fayette County Schools, have decided to take their ball and go home when it comes to scheduling Trinity. It's really quite pathetic. Trinity will continue to schedule quality out of state teams each year, play their required district games and squash the rest of the 6A teams in the playoffs. It's a great system the KHSAA has created.
  6. That's all any team can expect to earn playing Trinity the next couple of years. Looking at #20,21 & 22!
  7. Do we really need to drive to Bowling Green to watch this blowout? Let's save some money for both schools and play it at Papa Johns.
  8. This is not Michael Bush's Male teams. Trinity by 28 minimum.
  9. I actually don't think he meant it as a slight. Trinity has programs that X doesn't offer, for students with learning differences. It's actually (IMO) one of the best things about Trinity. For a school that doesn't have to, Trinity has created ways to help these kids, and its mission is enhanced by those programs. I would say that it does allow a student that may not have previously considered a private school education an alternative. And some of those students may well be athletes. The by-product could possibly be athletic success. BUT, I do not say that as a reason that Trinity elected to become more attractive to a broader range of students. I think they identified a need, and it fit with the mission statement, and they've been very successful. It's one of the stepping stones to total success at Trinity. For the record, I'm proud to say that I was fortunate to attend quite a number of Shamrock Awards afternoons, and the number of kids on athletic teams that receive those Academic awards is staggering. But I think it speaks to the intertwining of academics, athletics, other interests and community service that propels these kids to that level. I truly believe that it takes all those components to make the complete person. And when they are pushed not only by their teachers, but by their peers, to excel in the classroom, you see the result at the beginning of Pride Week each year. :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  10. I can assure you Coach Beatty and the team respects you. It really doesn't matter what we say on a message board.
  11. Don't quite know where you are going with that one.
  12. jimmyref, Thanks for the comments. As a father of a son that lost twice to the Tigers last year, I found myself thinking about my son and his teammates and the similarities between the 09 Rocks to this group of Tigers alot on Friday night. Both teams had alot of injuries to fight through and found themselves playing kids both ways to try and get it done. The 2009 Rocks faced a Great X team last year, and even though this Rock team is talented, I don't think they would have beaten last seasons Senior laden Tigers. With that said, by the time this group are Seniors they just might be the best Trinity team of all time.
  13. I am just hoping for once a team from out in the state puts up a fight before being slaughtered. Trinity 42 -14.
  14. Didn't the Tigers boast they had changed some things up after our first game? I am still trying to figure out what was different, all run and when they tried to pass, I've seen grade school teams pass the ball better. Glaser's comment in the CJ today "I don't think thye're 35-7 better than us" speaks volumes to the the mans ego. I hate to tell you Mike, they are 83 to 7 points better than you sir. Payback is hell and unfortunately for Tiger fans, you will only win one maybe every 5 or so years with ole Mike at the helm. Don't look for it to happen soon as the Rocks just continue to reload!
  15. I guess we dodged a bullet not having to play the mighty SK.
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