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  1. Rocks will win this one if two things happen. First, the Rocks will have to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Both lines will need to impose their will on St.X's lines. Second, I think the Rocks need to get out to a quick lead, thus forcing X to throw the ball to catch up. It has seemed over the years that when T gets out to an early lead, its held up.
  2. I totally could have made those extra points...
  3. They play the teams they do because MOST of Jefferson County refuses to play them.
  4. They brought a freshman down to play in the freshman game? Isn't he a freshman? Congrats to the Tigers for the win, see you tomorrow for the big one!
  5. The offensive game calling was well done for the Rocks tonight...
  6. To this day, he remains as one of my all time favorite Trinity coaches. I wish him all the best!
  7. If they finished undefeated and Trinity does as well, I'd think they'd be up there.
  8. As Limp Bizkit once said, "Keep rollin rollin rollin!"
  9. Does anyone think this will have any effect on the national rankings? Trinity's win over Elder was far more impressive than St Edwards. Was this game played at the Pit?
  10. JV Rocks beat Cincy X JV 21-9 today. I believe that was the correct final score.
  11. Defense rocked tonight...Offense did exactly what it had to do. This was an impressive win over an impressive team from Ohio.
  12. Clark County as best team ever? Top 10 maybe...but I can think of 5 Trinity teams that were better, and thats not including 2011. 1988-1990, 2001-2002.
  13. No way possible I saw this one coming. I figured a win by two TDs...but WOW. With that said, I do not see this happening next week. That came will be highly contested I believe, but I like my Rocks prevailing by 10
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