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  1. There is a creation myth regarding the United States that the country was built by rugged individuals acting on their own. The reality is that while individual action has been important, the real reason for the success of the US is that our founders bequeathed to us the enlightenment. The enlightenment taught us the importance of individual rights, but also the need to be governed by facts, science and reason. We used facts, science and reason to see the wisdom of collective action. Our country has prospered through that collective action. We built roads together. We built bridges togeth
  2. I was in NY the first week of February. About a week later I had a really nasty cold. CV? Probably not, but I will get an antibody test when they become available. If for no other reason than if I do have antibodies I could be a plasma donor.
  3. I think that testing by itself is not going to be enough. You also have to contact trace and then isolate those that have been exposed until after the incubation period. In one sense that is what the current stay at home period is doing. Since we can't determine who has been exposed we tell everyone to act as if they have been exposed. When that number gets low enough, we can begin to test, trace and isolate the people that are identified. It isn't perfect, but until we get viable treatments or cures it will be the best we have.
  4. Let's look at this. In February, we had 15 cases, on the way to zero. We didn't test. We didn't contact trace. We waited for it to go away. The only way to open schools, business, sports or anything else is to first reduce the number of cases to a manageable number and then test and contact trace all cases as soon as they are identified. That will require a testing program that is three to five times what we are doing now and that we reduce the number of cases to a fraction of what we now have. If we do those things we can begin to open things up.
  5. I think that it is just as impressive that under Coach Beatty, Trinity has not lost to any team that they beat during the regular season. To me, that says that when the game is decided by coaching, Coach Beatty wins.
  6. Jason Frakes of the CJ put out a tweet yesterday noting that under Bob Beatty Trinity is 6-4 in playoff games against teams they lost to in the regular season. They beat X in 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2014 and beat Male in 2014 and 2019, all after losing to them in the regular season. X swept in 2009 and Male swept three times. Trinity has not lost under Beatty to a team they beat in the regular season.
  7. I think you mean four in eleven years. The first two were in 2009.
  8. I agree but, part of coaching is planning ahead. Their passing game was based on throwing jump balls and letting their big receivers go get them. Their running game was based on overpowering people. Trinity took those things away. They didn't have anything else to go to. Coach Beatty breaks the season into thirds. The first third is to play a tough schedule that can expose your weaknesses. The second third is to find solutions for the weaknesses. The third is to refine, get better and bring home the hardware. Playing against teams that you can beat easily just doesn't teach you much.
  9. I will remain an X skeptic until something happens to change my mind. I know that there will come a day when X is a factor in the title, but I'll acknowledge it after it happens. Right now I'm just not convinced that football means as much at X as it does at Trinity.
  10. I think that this may have been one of Bob Beatty's best coached games. The kids came in very focused with specific jobs to do. The penalties were a problem in the first half, but that is what happens when you are playing superior athletes. They solved that problem in the second half and it was over. They had a game plan that took advantage of Trinity's strength and took away what Male did best. Male did not have an answer. There was a lot of talk before the game about which team had the coaching advantage. The answer to that one was self evident.
  11. I’m not sure why this is even a discussion. For anyone in their sixties, retirement is at least a thought. He is obviously still on his game.
  12. It will be time for Coach Beatty to leave when he decided it is time. He just put a sound beating on a very well coached team that had better talent. He still has it.
  13. This Daddy’s money not only paid for mine to go to Trinity, it also pays for them to go to Male. You’re welcome.
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