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  1. Wow!! Who just hit that male QB?? perhaps Dingle?
  2. Wow! Thanks for the info. Sounds like a top 15 nationally ranked team:)
  3. Yes, this is correct. Also another big kid 6’3 280 on the other side I think.. perhaps air force commit..?
  4. Yes, a roster would be nice to have. I know Trinity seems to have some rather large players this year.. O line and D line. Linebacker too.
  5. Who should we be on the look out for and what positions do they play? perhaps another class such as the 2011...? Thanks
  6. No way.. not a chance.. cmon now man.. Trinity has always been on a different level.. you must know this by now.
  7. Trinity can handle Cov Cath any year, let’s make that clear..
  8. You boys better hope not because my Rocks are gunna literally run over and through anyone that gets in the way.. THS# 27
  9. Who are your top two teams in each class? Obviously, Trinity... and... well everyone else.. 😃
  10. Correct, however it’s not like they have 5 outta 10 championships.. Let’s not get too crazy.
  11. We’ll see just how good that running game is against Trinity’s front 7! Good luck!
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