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    September 2005 and 2007: These guys got the brooms out a little early and were just unlucky.
  1. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow! You're always a day away!
  2. Where is the 13th region? What counties make up that region?
  3. Good work. Glad to see Adam Berry get some recognition. Was a tremendous 2 gap plug on defense in the middle for the Rocks.
  4. Thanks. That explains it very well.
  5. Most Catholic schools in Louisville have schoolwide open houses on a Sunday afternoon in November for students in 5-8 grade. They are not football open houses. Don't know about public schools.
  6. Anxious to see how KHSAA applies bylaw 10 to this one if it is just a football open house.
  7. So is this a football or school open house?
  8. Need to add the Michigan Wolverines to that list. They offered this week.
  9. Who's coaching the all state team? If they run a "smashmouth" offense, I'll go with the Rocks. If the offense is more wide open, I'll take the state.
  10. Looking back on the victory, I noticed that Scott County had never trailed the entire season until the game against Trinity. No matter what level of competition, that is impressive.
  11. Great job Rocks. You are the best team in the state and nation! An UNBELIEVABLE accomplishment.
  12. If by primary you mean "first" then yes, that was your "first" point. You then followed it up with these points: You don't have to be William Strunk to ascertain your "point(s)" in the post.
  13. Quite an acoomplishment for the Birds. Even a greater accomplishment given the running clock rule. Does anyone know when the mercy rule was adopted in Kentucky?
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