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  1. Best start if not tied for best start in young school history, is this the most talented team ryle has produced?
  2. If Warner rests his seniors on senior night, shame on him.
  3. If Ryle loses next week to Highlands, would that be a three win season? The last time I can remember a three win season at Ryle was 2001.
  4. Please do some research before you start making comments like this. Plenty of "tradition and history" in football within the state of Ky. As a matter of fact, there are three schools ranked in the top ten winningnest high school football programs in the U.S. If my memory serves me correctly, Ohio had just two.
  5. Great sport! Getting better attention now than in the past. Glad you could make it and appreciate your comments.
  6. The West Virginia high school in which I participated football, one had to play at least one play in 21 quarters during the 10 game season. Keep in mind this was more than 35 years ago.
  7. If this is the case, then the KHSAA needs to make some serious changes.
  8. If people are mentioning some decent but not great talent than I cant believe Arliss Beach from Ashland has not been mentioned..he was a very good high school running back...Arliss went on and had a decent career at UK and was drafted but didn't play much in the NFL..he was real fun to watch in high school
  9. ] "Only a concussion" you hope? What planet are you on?
  10. Campbell County beat Ryle in 2001 at CC. Can't remember one after that. Someone help me out
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