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  1. 7 - Cov Cath 5 - Beechwood 3 -Grant County 2 -Henry County 1 - Newport TB Beechwood
  2. 7 Highlands 5 Ryle 3 Simon Kenton 2 New Cath 1 Bellevue TB Highlands
  3. Beechwood will heat it up way to much for the Polar Bears.
  4. Congrats Camels! Wow! My WKU Tops are winning! My Camels are winning! Please don't wake me up! And I think Coach Lickert pulled a Willie T play tonight too!
  5. This topic gets discussed every once in while on the Kentucky Wrestling forum. Here's a few articles that have been referenced over there. NFL Players That Are Former Wrestlers In High School or College NFL Players That Wrestled As far as injuries Wrestling is one of the least injury incurring sportsin high school. Actually less than swimming! 11 Injury-Prone High School Sports - ABC News
  6. No I'm serious. As my username implies, I am loyal to a fault. And just a year ago Bowling Green was calling for Taggert's head. By the end of the season last year and as of today, people are now throwing red rose petals in Willie T's path. I'm standing behind Joker for at least one more year.
  7. ESPN reported UK had 46 freshman and sophomores out the of the 70 member squad that traveled to the Swamp. That's a young team. I believe Joker has the ability to start to turn things around if given another year.
  8. Campbell County Male Grant County Gallatin County Covington Holy Cross TB Campbell
  9. Facilities look pretty good to me. Here's a tour of the renovated Nutter Training Facility from this summer.
  10. 7 - Walton-Verona 5 - Owen County 3 - Bishop Brossart 2 - Kentucky Country Day 1 - Campbell County TB - Owen
  11. 7 - Beechwood 5 - Bellevue 3 - Campbell County 2 - Bracken County 1 - Lloyd Memorial TB Beechwood
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