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  1. How does Dustin May fit into the plans this upcoming year in the backfield?
  2. Whoever takes over the 3 postion better work on their three point jumpshot. UK is going to need long range production from that spot because they are going to see ALOT of zone moving forward.
  3. Why go to Illinois to play for Zook when he likely won't keep his job?
  4. UofL has momentum simply because they have hired a new head coach? I know Strong has picked up some commits for 2011. He also lost the his only 4 star the other day - the WR. If a UK fan was talking up the "momentum" under these circumstances, they would get dogged by the faithful here. I think its a positive step to ax SK and get Strong, but not sure how that puts UofL in a great position for Simpson.
  5. David Jones from Belfry may deserve a mention at DB?4 I agree though the list is excellent. Lots of success stories there.
  6. Yeah Louisville has a ton of momentum sitting home and watching UK play in a bowl this Christmas. I like the Strong hire, but that statement seems a bit premature.
  7. I think UK is legit top 5 team. I like Duke in the top 5 as well.
  8. For those of you who have been in this thread, I would add the following: On reservoirs this time of year, get a big floating light that you can hang over the side of your pontoon/bass boat. Set up in the harbor around some houseboats and structure and drop that bad boy right about dark. Wait for a while. Say warm. When the shad come up, drop white 1/16 oz flies just below the shad on lightweight tackle and have fun!
  9. BM has it right. This team will be GREAT when they learn that hard to find balance between attacking and still taking good looks at the basket. Love this win.
  10. Belfry v Sheldon Clark on Pond Creek. Pirates need to get healthy fast!
  11. Big win for Belfry here. Sounds like they took advantage of turnovers and played good defense after the initial Sheldon Clark score. Was nice to see the young QB with a strong game. 3-4 passing with a couple scores and the long run late in the game. Looks like Belfry is poised for a deep playoff run.
  12. This is a tough thing to vote on. For example, I am a Belfry fan and have followed that program this year. Thomas Varney has been VERY impressive. I haven't seen any of the other kids play. I know Thomas isn't a D1 prospect, but he has been nuts against a pretty decent schedule. I guess, if I have to give it to a kid I haven't seen play, I am going with McSheara. He has been lights out at a high level against some good teams.
  13. Belfry seems to be a bit inconsistent this season, but they have played well at times against what I thought was good competition. I like Haywood in this one. Belfry - 33 Sheldon Clark - 20
  14. The kid from Bryan Station - Crutcher I believe is supposed to be a stud!
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