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  1. No Surprise here. Harlan IND. Is awful.
  2. Harlan Co won the tournament with wins over Letcher, Breathitt, and Pike Central. ENOUGH SAID!!!!
  3. I agree. North has some very good players. They are long and get into the passing lanes very well. They forced 31 turnovers against the Lady Bears. Harlan should have won the game but you cant win if you dont play defense! Not to take away from North. They were ready to play!
  4. We are very proud of our facilities. We want to show them to the entire region. Now we will not get the opportunity ( at least in a Regional tourney atmosphere ). I hope everything works out for the best. GO BEARS! 5-1 and going strong!!!
  5. As a UK fan I'm a bit selfish. I would love to see the best stay at home. Help our home university get over the hump. Realistically we loose alot of good in state recruits because of TRADITION, and coaching. If we could keep all of the great in state players, Rich Brooks would look like Urban Meyer!It's a big decision for this kid, and I will always be a fan for this KY boy no matter where he chooses to attend school. Good Luck AC.
  6. These are the 2 returning teams that played for the regional crown last year with Clay winning. Who will win this year and why? Clay County - For Whom The Belle Tolls!!! Harlan County- Heather Maggard - Double double trouble.:taz:
  7. I sure hope he picks UK. We need to keep the best in state players IN STATE! He would really help UK get over the hump!!!!
  8. Congrats on a great season AC. I hope you will give UK a shot!
  9. Oh man What a game this will be! My sister in law lives 5 min. from the field. I can see it now, a sea of black and gold, and blue and white! Danville is the football capital of KY. I've been to several big games at Bell and Boyle. I get chills thinking of this one. I am a BLACKBEAR fan from Harlan. We aspire to have a program like these 2. I am not going to make a prediction, but a statement. If your team is out of the playoffs go to this game. You wont be disappointed. This is a FOOTBALL FANS PARADISE! Good luck to both teams.
  10. Male Henry Clay Harlan County Bowling Green Paducah Tilghman
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