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First Album/Cassette/CD

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What was the first real album that you owned...you don't have to count Barney and Friends or other kids albums :lol2:


Mine were awesome, I had a "Cool" Aunt that bought me my first two for Christmas...




I knew nothing about KISS and in about 2 hours was hooked, drum solo on the live version of "God of Thunder" was the coolest thing I'd ever heard!





For those that don't know this is the "We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions" album

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I had a bunch of stuff that belonged to my parents. First music I ever actively sought out as a kid was a cassette tape of Weird Al's "Even Worse"... probably purchased around 1991.


The first CD I ever owned was a copy of the Space Jam soundtrack I got right after I got my first CD player in 1996.

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album - Steve Martin Wild & Crazy Guy

45 - Steve Miller Band Swingtown (B side was Winter Time I believe)

8-track - Billy Joel Glass Houses

Cassette - The Cars self titled first album

CD - The Police Ghost in the Machine

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I don't remember my first 45, but I remember having about 4" worth of them at some point. My first 33 1/3rd full album was the "Grease" soundtrack.


Me and Big Al wore that 8 track out (and, of course, Kenny Rogers "The Gambler").

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