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Coach Shoves Player - Too Far?


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Let me add that it's not very smart. It could set up an ugly situation if the player reacts with his own shove.


My guess is he will be suspended by his school for one game.


Let me start by agreeing that it is not very smart! However, i do not think that it is fair for people to make a decision on one 30 second exchange that we see a video of. There is a lot that leads up to that point in a coach and player relationship. I would argue that the coach knows what players he can challenge and what players he can't. Should he push him no, but no one else knows the verbal exchange that lead up to it. I think everyone should sit back and watch the coach and his players relationship. If it deteriorates because of this, then maybe the coach will lose his team and then his job. If this player and his teammates respond effectively then everyone should mind their own business.

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I do not like it one bit!!! That is the type of shove you get or give when you are about to go!!!


No excuse at all. What if the roles were reversed everyone would be all over the kid? Do not give me well he is the coach and he is the player angle either, no room for it ever!!

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