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  1. Based on... stories you've heard? Tool or not, the site and radio show are very entertaining and informative. On the radio show this week alone: Andrews Wiggins coach, Nerlens Noel, Neal Brown and Julius Mays. Pretty cool.
  2. I understood the reference but didn't know it was a joke :lol2:
  3. Would be a much bigger deal if it was this year Still cool though.
  4. :lol2: He's called me out three times in this thread alone!
  5. :lol2: Being that I'm the one who told you there was an autograph signing in the first place, might want to stay quiet on this one.
  6. Latest tweet by Dieng about the signing on Saturday says that it is $20. He gone.
  7. Agree. He has a long way to go to be "Chuck Hayes type" but also probably has a higher ceiling than Chuck ever did.
  8. Could he help himself more by coming back to college or by going ahead and getting in the pros? He will have a lot of adjusting to do at the next level and may be best served playing against those guys starting now. I think you could argue it either way.
  9. From my limited knowledge of college baseball, teams save their best pitchers for conference play. Both programs seem to be pretty solid.
  10. Maybe Gorgui is getting a big crowd out and going to announce he is staying? I don't think so but that would be cool.
  11. I can't remember a time when a player/location were promoting an autograph signing without charging.
  12. I don't think the Hayes/Behanan comparison is very good at all. Hayes was always a great defender and did ALL the little things throughout his whole career. Behanan... not so much.
  13. How silly is it to include Behanan in this thread? I guessed that he might leave, he's not, sorry?
  14. Everyone has said Dieng is 100% gone since the title game right? Most people assume it has been done for awhile.
  15. Based on the tweets, we can assume Dieng is gone right?
  16. I think the general feeling is that Smith is leaning towards the NBA. Nothing would surprise me but if you made me pick, I'd say he is gone.
  17. Maybe it is a good thing I post in UL threads :sssh:
  18. Gorgui Dieng ‏@GDieng10 5h I need all the CARDS fans to come to @PrimeLoungeKy this Saturday from 3-6 PM for autograph signing, thanks for the support #L1C4
  19. I've seen people advertising that Dieng has some autograph signings scheduled. If he is charging for them (which I assume he is) then he is 1000% gone.
  20. I wasn't the only one speculating that Behanan would go and the prediction was before he said he was coming back :lol2:
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