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  1. Thanks. I don't know how I missed it... Didn't see anything on Twitter from Coach Stoops or the other UK outlets I follow.
  2. Back to the hire... I would have expected this to have been officially announced by now. Did that happen and I missed it or should we be worried there's been a snag?
  3. OSU got brought into it because people see through you and your fanboy position on everything. I'm probably not the first person you've PM'd because they made a comment about your beloved Buckeyes. I hope you haven't made a habit of attacking their character or service to their country like you did me. I've made it pretty clear what I think about you. Another thing that is clear is you've got no right to talk about anyone's fandom. The comment that was made about you saying Meyer's hire would be a home run was spot on whether you like it or not. Besides shouldn't you be watching reruns on the big10 network? I'm sure their showing something about OSU in their glory days? Is their any of that footage in color?
  4. Don't you have an OSU drum to beat and march to? It's funny you criticize UK fans for commenting on OSU but you're free to talk about UK? And don't worry, unlike you I won't be sending you any defamatory PM's to you just because you did talk about UK...
  5. I wasn't trying to imply you were thinking that. I was just commenting on what their (WVU fans) are saying. I don't think schools pay QB coaches 300k like WVU did Dawson.
  6. Yea he's been set on Riley for weeks now... He did admit that a caller mentioned Dawson yesterday and he blew it off. That's a big step for Matt...
  7. Of course their gonna say that now. Wonder what they thought an hour ago? Bottom line for me is, I like the fact he has something to prove. Most of the time those people are more driven than people that have tasted success at a high level. Successful play calling is achieved through routine, timing and consistency. Most of that is done in practice and the film room. Beyond that, in game situations you mostly depend on a situational play sheet or fall back on something you've had earlier success in... I'm not concerned at all that he didn't call the plays during the game at WVU, I believe he most likely did the harder behind the scene stuff and just built a hunger while doing it.
  8. I believe Stoops likes that Dawson is a more vertical guy than East/West... I realize it takes some East/West and that's an extension of the run game but I believe at times UK did too much of that and became predictable with it. Based on some comments Stoops made throughout the year I believe he felt that way as well.
  9. I'm excited about this hire. This guy is young and will be hungry to prove he's a "play caller". It works well for Stoops as well because Dawson is used to working well under the HC so there shouldn't be a riff when Stoops puts his opinion in... As in slow down, my defense needs a minute... Or don't score so quick!!!
  10. Funny to watch his followers jump on Twitter.... Hope he has notifications turned off!!!
  11. If this hire turns out to be real, I love it... WVU is a much better school than ECU and any success there carries more weight for me. WVU put up big #'s this year against better competition than ECU...
  12. Would it be considered obnoxious to send someone a derogatory PM after they commented on your favorite team? Just curious...
  13. Taxwriteoff Crotchrocket Phyllis-from-Mulga FatBackCadilac Mooseknucklechuckles
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