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  1. E-town also plays North Hardin, a 6A school who is always very talented, and CAL, a state champion, at CAL. It will be very hard for them not to lose a couple of these first three games.
  2. I have heard they may not have a program this year due to only having 14-15 kids. Can anyone confirm this ??? Will the school or district pay the forfeit fees if this happens ? I can't believe the district let this happen at WC. Still baffles me and I'm sure many others. WC has such a tradition in football over the year plus that facility now. I was just curious if they are going to play. I would pull my kid off the team if they only had 15 players playing the BRUTAL schedule they play.
  3. Coach Marksbury does a great job at Spencer and this team will NOT be 3rd in the district unless they have a rash of injuries. Their talent is too good. Backfield is very explosive with them returning 2 backs who rushed for over 1000 yards. I'm sure they will have to replace Holbrook by committee. I can't see them finishing any worse than second. I'm not sure what Shelby has returning off their very good team from last year. I would pick Spencer to win the district.
  4. We won't be able to keep up with BG. They have too much fire power. I think we will have a good ball club though, but it won't be enough. With that being said I doubt BG will have much competition this year. They are loaded.
  5. Glad job one got hurt. Sounds like kids were just exhausted. How did the kid from Chritian Co look? I can't remember his name
  6. Purple 88.you keep referring to heal up now. Did someone get hurt ?
  7. Beautiful facility. Long overdue for sure.... It's amazing what you can do when you have support and financial backing. I'm not sure what took so long. I guess they just needed some state titles to get the donors out.
  8. I am a John Hardin follower and Yes they have ran into a different roadblock in South Warren. SW is the real deal and they are playing with more kids than JH. John Hardin will more than likely be 3A in the next classification. SW will be in 5A for sure. Enrollment continues to dwindle and overall numbers in the school are dropping, which means less players. Several kids (military) have moved out of state recently as well that were football players. A new military unit is supposed to be coming to the area but who knows how many kids from that move will play football. I am close to the program and drop in enrollment is going to hurt in the next couple years. I think the football and basketball programs will both have solid years this coming year.
  9. What a shame. I think the survey taken said over 80% of the high school coaches wanted the Wilson Ball.
  10. So will the 2016 version of bowling green be better than the 15 team ?
  11. Hard to play at 3 different schools, in 3 different systems, in 3 years. There is a learning curve that takes place when going to a new school. Plus as someone else said he might not even be the starter at this new school. I can't imagine this would be a wise move. Jumping around from school to school isn't wise. Just my opinion.
  12. Rogers coached at Nelson County under Brown. Gregory coached under Brown at John Hardin. He never coached at Nelson Co.
  13. Strong side my point exactly. I think some 5 star players don't excel because they get to complacent. I'm not saying all by any means, but sometimes those players have had it so easy because they were so much better in high school. Everybody can play at the major D-1 level and there are many reasons why I'm sure. There are larger Numbers of 3 star players so they obviously have the biggest pool to pick from when it comes to the league. It's hard to earn a 4-5 star rating coming out of high school.
  14. I believe work ethic comes into play as well. 3 star kids probably want it a little more and work harder than those players more gifted. I'm not saying this is the case with all 5 star recruits, but I would bet those 3 star guys might have more inner drive in most cases. Just my thoughts?
  15. You said it in your last statement. Talent pool is deep at South. Yes he is a good coach but he has a wealth of talent. I'm not trying to discredit him at all. I'm sure he is a very good coach. Talent will make you look even better.
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