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  1. I want Conner to win but I don't think it is gonna happen. If the game is at SK, I hope they changed where the visiting team is. After the mess that happened last year in the playoffs. Classless
  2. The thing is, the players have more respect for each other, they know what the other team gives up, in practice and in time, in the end you want to win and someone has to lose, unfortunately for Boone they are in a situation that is bad and we all know it.who gives a crap about someone's personal opinion. If the kids have respect for themselves, they will keep playing and not give up. Football builds character.
  3. How is that, I don't think Cooper has that many kids that should go to Boone, if any.
  4. Have lots of love for my Bluebirds, hope they come out solid and dominate. Kiss the ring....
  5. Any news or stand outs?
  6. Maybe if they only put Reid on the mound...... Right W32
  7. You would think he is the next greatest thing but all dads think that of their son. SAD
  8. As long as their main players don't find a way to transfer. Boone is going to continue to lose players. Just not the same Boone.
  9. Do you want me to fill the water bottles, coach. Haha
  10. My guess would be, just as many as every other team.
  11. Well, you have Friend and Turner for sure. As for others, not sure some will do very well at varsity. I see a lot of bombs headed out of the park this year. They don't have a lot of varsity experience, easily rattled.
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