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  1. I agree. Definitely can't blame it on Midland, or any summer program. Being a good teammate varies from kid to kid. Its on the high school coach to cultivate a winning atmosphere/mentality that kids can buy into. Has nothing to do with what summer team you play for or college offers. While there definitely are a lot of players far more concerned with college offers and personal accolades, you can still be a good teammate. I have this argument often: winning district and region titles have no correlation to the number of future college players on your roster. Case in point, Ryle 2013 Region champion team, to my knowledge (correct me if I'm wrong) had no players go on to play college ball (many could have played, but chose not to). Turn it around to 2014, Conner region champ team had, to my knowledge (again, feel free to correct me) 7 starters go on to play college baseball at different levels.
  2. I do agree with that. Allow me to clarify, I haven't seen many teams even attempt to run on him this season. Certainly not Max's fault. I would say the biggest problem was that I don't think I saw a single pickoff attempt all game. Have to work them a little bit. Pitchers looks weren't good either. BW was running at will.
  3. Conner makes a couple of plays in the field and the game is very different. Knew Beechie could hit, but I was incredibly impressed with the way they ran the bases. First team to really run on Sims all year. Cougars didn't give up and fought till the very end. A lot of heart on that team this year. Good luck to el Tigres in the finals. Should be great game.
  4. Raisor PITCHED a fantastic game. Didn't overthrow, didn't try to blast it by everybody. Kept the colonels off balance and missed barrels all night long. Ole Krumps appears to have out coached himself again. Agree with Imhisdad, there was certainly a rumbling from the CCH faithful last night. But I don't know, maybe it's the turfs fault.... Tough to bunt on that stuff...
  5. He does a great job. Incredibly consistent. Strike zone slightly on the smaller side, but very fair. Entire crew was very good.
  6. Wow. Expected this thread to be poppin after that game. Some exciting baseball to watch. All in all, Conner's pitching and defense were outstanding. Craddock was a man on a mission on the mound. Seniors stepped up and took care of business at the plate (Garnett 2B & Borman following w/ RBI base hit). Along with some stellar defensive plays (Padgett robbing an extra base hit B7 & Henry w/ a slick unassisted DP). Big ups to Kirschler. Very nice performance that came out just a bit short. I look for this Ryle squad to do some major damage from the loser bracket in the Regional tournament. Especially with Zig on the mound. Good luck to both teams moving forward. As always, the 33rd is well represented in the regional tournament.
  7. Borman goes the distance for the Cougars.
  8. Off the top of my head I know at least 2 DL who were taken in the first few rounds of the draft under 6'3".
  9. Agree 100%. Like Clyde mentioned, Trevor Stellman will do a great job with him.
  10. Reason number one being so you don't have to fall on your face?
  11. I would venture to say that there is a very large amount of players on D1 scholarships that receive financial aid.
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