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  1. I went to the KHSAA.tv site, clicked on the link to the game and it redirects you to the site that is broadcasting the game online. I clicked on the link to register for free and I am able to watch the game live. It is a full broadcast with commentators, scoreboard, and sideline reporters, video quality is awesome!
  2. I went through KHSAA.tv, clicked on the game link and it redirected me to a NFHS site. I had to register, the registration was free and then started watching the game.
  3. Watching the game on my IPad and the video quality is excellent!
  4. Anyone else watching online? LC just overmatched all around.
  5. I also tried using different browser's on all if those devices but still nothing.
  6. Tried that on one desk top, two laptops, twop IPads, and my cellphone. If I go thru my 4G WiFi hotspot I can access the site using the devices listed.
  7. I cannot connect to BGP on my home internet but I can if I use my cellphone's Wifi using the same laptop and/or IPad. Thoughts?
  8. After watching both teams yesterday, I am not surprised that the game was close and entertaining. I was impressed with both teams. Congrats to Ryle on making the finals! CONGRATS to Holmes for winning the 2016 9th Region Championship!
  9. Congrats to the Colonels! Big time proud of the Cougars, scratched and clawed the whole game and was right there till the end!!
  10. LB has to be the fastest "hunt and peck" typist I have ever seen! He must do a lot of hand workouts....
  11. Odd that when Holy Cross lost it was where is everyone...SK loses it's where is everyone...Highlands lost and it took hours for them to chime in. In fact, there are more Birds in this thread. UK#1fan sure does create traffic on this site.
  12. What does that have to do with the best receivers for 2016?
  13. I agree, I love watching him play! The type of player that every coach wants on their team. Any possibility that Schlarman plays qb?
  14. I did watch HUDL and those numbers are close. I was just pointing out that where ever those numbers SK#1 got they were reasonably close. I was in no way trying to say anything negative about Mr. Hendrix and I would never do that! Sidenote:I wish I could get paid for watching HUDL!!!
  15. The KHSAA would allow them to play if they are enrolled. The problem in this scenario is that the Boone County school system would not permit him to be enrolled based on where he lives. No different than if someone tried to come from say, Kenton County to play for Cooper, can't enroll because of Boone County Schools rules.
  16. These are the same numbers that Cooper reported to the KHSAA Scoreboard.
  17. Pic of 8th Region game at Henry County on March 3rd, 2015 This Oldham County vs Henry County, keep in mind this is Henry County's home court, hardly sold out and rocking!
  18. Did you do a spit take when you hit submit on this post?
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