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  1. Looks like you got the entire crowd at the arena in the background of the pic! lol
  2. Coach Shields always showed up at the Ft. Thomas Armory in those days and was great to talk with about basketball. He coached great players at St. Thomas like Phil Hasson, Carl Hafele, and a guy named Wehage (spelling?) who could jump better than anyone in the 9th Region at that time. I think St. Thomas closed down around 1975 or 1976.
  3. I hate to hear it for Faulkner. One of the best scorers I ever saw in this state, love his game. It would have been great to see Caverna get one step closer to a regional title.
  4. WOW! Does Newport have turf nowadays? It had grass back when I played in the early 1970s! That looks awesome if their field is similar!
  5. Was the score right on the scoreboard and not in the book?
  6. That's a tough one. Faulkner is a really good shooter. Sounds like he was great once again. Free throws are becoming a lost art, though. Kids just don't understand how important the freebies are late in games. I hate to hear he missed two late. But he is just an outstanding player and will be fun to watch in college.
  7. That is great. Ken Shields knew basketball, and he was great with people. He was ahead of his time with fast-paced offenses and half-court traps as a high school coach. St. Thomas was a team you did not want to play back in the day with Coach Shields leading them. I'm glad to hear he is still involved teaching the game!
  8. I always loved that football field at Newport. It was next to a baseball complex, down in a valley. They still play there?
  9. Yes he is. I thought he would become the all time winning high school coach at Highlands, but he left for a college job. Does he still coach anything up there?
  10. I'm glad to hear it. I follow their scores and hated to see what happened up there this season in football and basketball. Glad to see their girls upset NewCath though!
  11. On a serious note, I thought St. Thomas back in my day would eventually win a state title one day because they had the best high school coach I ever spoke with, Ken Shields. He had St. Thomas on a roll, great players, despite being such a small school. Then they closed down, and Coach Shields ended up at Highlands. Great guy and great coach!
  12. Maybe when the BGP Elite clique meets at BGP Headquarters later this month, you can update them about Newport's 2016-17 roster as well. How they gonna be in football?
  13. MMI closed down years ago due to small enrollment. Flaget is a Louisville school that also is gone. Like old St. Thomas High School up your way. Ever hear of St. Thomas, or you too young?
  14. You have Simon Kenton, CovCath and Holmes. We'll let you keep SK's, even though they are an 8th Region team now and can't win a region anymore down here! lol
  15. Let me put it this way: The 8th Region has more state titles than the 9th Region. Live with it. Shelby County has two, Millersburg Military Academy has one, Flaget has one. I am assuming you can count, but just in case, that's four. How many does the 9th Region have? Hmmm.
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