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  1. Yeah, those kids are really talented. I would say most are in middle school...Kala Rose looks like she was 11 or 12. The kid playing drums and the one playing bass can flat out play.
  2. Saez said that he was spooked by the crowd when they interviewed him during the inquiry. Said that's why he stepped out and that he thought he settled him before it was an issue.
  3. There's a 20 or so min extra on the making of this episode and they don't mention it in that either. Btw I just got chills watch the scene again in the link TBG posted.
  4. Rumblings that Haikal might scratch.
  5. Looks like both are at 8/1 now that Omaha scratched.
  6. Sweet. I get more upset when they kill one of the wolves than I do the people.
  7. I assume Ghost is dead and Nymeria is the only one left.
  8. If you are looking for some value...look at Maximum Security and at Tacitus...both at 10/1.
  9. One thing about Roadster I don't like is Mike Smith has been his jockey the last year. Geroux is a good jockey but have to consider he's not raced Roadster. I'm wondering if Baffert will try to make a change now that Omaha Beach has scratched.
  10. Haven't really done much research yet but at first glance I'm leaning towards Roadster.
  11. I guess if Jon is really who Brann said he was then Dany doesn't have a claim.
  12. Like I said, that scene of Arya killing the King might be my favorite scene ever. Gave me chills.
  13. Just like you have no way of knowing if Jones was a bad pick, at this point. Obviously we will get to find out but to say the Giants made a mistake like it's fact is the same as HB20 saying Haskins would not have done any better if on Duke than Jones did. Both are speculations.
  14. It was a new state record. Caught in a 6 acre lake, over 14lbs.
  15. Forgot about that dude. But I don’t remember the mountain being on her list. I think she took the Hound off.
  16. Someone remind...when did Arya and the Melisandre meet before...when she told Arya she would close many eyes?
  17. It was my thought she would kill Cersi until last night. Her killing the Night King has me rethinking however...Cersi is the only name left on her list and I think we know what happens when a name is on "no ones" list.
  18. I had it in the back of my mind but when the Night King was standing in front of Brann I kind of dismissed her saving him. Just kind of where they were and the other WW "generals" standing there. Didn't think she could get there. Man did I love how they played that out...with the breeze hitting the other walkers like that and her coming out of the shadows. One of my favorite scenes in TV ever.
  19. We are staying in Chevy Chase, MD and planned on either talking the Metro or Uber.
  20. I will agree with the part of canceling before the renewal date. It's in their agreement that renewal is automatic at the regular rate so if you don't call them first they will start billing you the higher rate.
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