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  1. Like to know their thinking on that one. Good Coach.
  2. Scarberry fired or left on his own?
  3. Cost. Coaches can’t go because district and Redbook. Cost.
  4. LBJ is a franchise killer at this stage in his career.
  5. I’m a fan of neither. How about above average at both? Kentucky won’t accept the 3-4 year guy thing they kind of have now. And Cal didn’t go that way by choice IMHO, they are there because he was getting beat out to the top recruits and I’m sure this pay to play thing with ADIDAS has changed the game.
  6. Fantastic recruiter, average.......at best beach coach. Whoever said superstar depedent is correct.....must have overwhelming talent.
  7. I can’t recall him cursing. He is a tough coach to play for, but his teams play hard and the right way. With that said, basketball kids have changed a lot. You simply can’t do things you did even 5 years ago.
  8. That will all come crashing down this year and next. Kentucky has the luck of a down year by some good programs and found some diamonds in the rough with recruits. Back to 7-5/6-6 next.....if they are lucky.
  9. That’s really shocking. Either money wasn’t right or he has no desire to put up with the pressure of a rebuild. I don’t want retreads.....unless there is a NC in that other life.
  10. Who on NDs schedule is better than Florida or dare I say Kentucky? That powerhouse Ball St. team? They barely beat Vandy......
  11. If they can’t beat out Wilson, they need to transfer
  12. Those 3 teams should fear anyone with a good defense. OU can’t stop anyone, OSU is the product of a completely terrible Big 10, and ND.....who exactly did they beat that is honestly any good?
  13. Only two of those in ACC. If I’m a top level coach, I go to Louisville before a lot of those on that list to build my legacy. I want my legacy, I don’t get that by chasing by ghost of legends at some of those schools.
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