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  1. Jonathan Moore of Carroll County is the new coach. Confirmed.
  2. Random scrimmage scores from around the 8th region. Hard to tell a lot because coaches are trying different lineups. Eastern by several over Spencer Woodford by 3 over Seneca Carroll by 7 over Shawnee Great Crossing by several over Carroll Henry by 7 over Woodford Anderson by 8 over East Jessamine
  3. Hardin played well with them Thursday vs Trimble but tweaked his ankle in the third quarter.
  4. Rumor is they have made a hire. Will be announced tomorrow.
  5. I agree completely with LethalPG and the stipends are usually more like 7,000-8,000, which makes it even less enticing.
  6. After 12 seasons Coach Scarberry is out at Model.
  7. Belcher would be a great hire for Ryle.
  8. I’m hearing rumors that Jacob Cheesman will be the next coach.
  9. They should stop dunking at the 15:00 mark of warmups because that’s when the officials take the floor
  10. Baseball guy is correct about the reason for waiting. And not to mention that it wouldn’t benefit Henry County at all to wait. It would actually give them more time to put up seating signage, compile pass lists, etc. Here is the actual Khsaa rule that was shared and probably needs to be changed: 3) The Region meeting shall be held on Sunday afternoon immediately following the district tournaments not prior to 2:00 local time in the school designated as the host. These meetings may be held earlier by mutual agreement of all teams, but not prior to the completion of all district tournament games. The site for future regional tournaments is not an issue for this meeting unless the Principal or the Designated Representative as listed on the KHSAA website is present for all teams in the region (not limited to the competing teams).
  11. Trevor Hardin had 20 points and 13 rebounds according to the Henry County newspaper.
  12. Woodford is solid this year. Lots of seniors. They will be a sleeper pick in the 11th.
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