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  1. I heard a few names, Hoskins from Buckhorn, Spurlock formerly of Floyd, and Pertuset from Jackson City.
  2. Who are the leading candidates for this position?
  3. I wonder where he is heading, he did a really good job at Jackson City considering all of the obstacles you face there.
  4. Covid year, I feel some admins looked past this season because of all the variables and coaches are getting another year by default who were perhaps on the fringe.
  5. Who all has applied or expressed interest?
  6. Top Tier Contenders - Wolfe, Hazard, Knott 2nd Tier- Breathitt, PCC Long Shot - Estill, Cordia 1/1000 - Owsley Pick - Wolfe
  7. How can you have Owsley over Jackson City when they just beat them on the road at Owsley?
  8. Impressive win for Wolfe County, they travel to Jackson City tonight for a 55th District matchup.
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