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Adrian Peterson: "NFL is like modern day slavery"

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Stupid comment. Period.


I would think our older African American brothers and sisters, those who had relatives one or two generations ahead of them that were real slaves, look at this as an ignorant, insensitive, uneducated statement by a young man who has opportunities that those previous generations never thought possible.

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Sure, playing a game for ridiculous amounts of money is a modern day version of being murdered, tortured, raped, and forced to work all day for no money at all.


What a joke. Amazing that someone can even think that let alone say it to the media like he really thinks it's true.

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I'm with you 100%! If I'm the players rep I'm working like crazy to keep idiotic statements like this to a minimum.


:thumb: I want to say I was shocked when I saw this comment by All-Day but after the last year nothing a Pro Athlete says would surprise me.

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